Wednesday, 5 March 2008

....and not much better!

Still feeling rough. I've no idea where this bug came from but I do wish it would go away! Thought about cancelling my classes at the Glitterpot on Saturday but decided against it. It's still 3 days away and I'm hoping I shall feel well enough to go. Classes are with Stamping Caz and I am, or would be, really looking forward to them. I've not had classes with her before but I've been reading her blog - and now subscribe so I don't miss out - lol!!

I had to force myself to get up early this morning as Mum had an appointment at the hospital with the vascular surgeon and it's important she keeps all her appointments at the moment so her treatment can advance. She's elderly and become very frail since Christmas and she can no longer walk any distance. Not sure she really realises quite how ill she is. It's only when nasty things happen, as now, that it hits her but it still doesn't seem to sink in. Hope I'm more clued up and can manage my health issues more effectively as I age. In some ways it's too late for her. Getting old is fine, as long as you can keep your health and your faculties!!

I had one thing today that cheered me a little - a delivery from Hallmark Scrapbook. I ordered 6 of the new Cuttlebug embossing folders, 3 Cuttlekids dies and 3 Sizzlit dies. The Cuttlekids dies complete a Christmas pressie for my eldest grand-daughter, having taken advantage of a seriously reduced price on the Cuttlekids die-cutter that Mad About Cards had a few weeks ago.

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