Sunday, 23 August 2009

TUTORIAL - Scalloped edged gift box.

As I've been playing with PSP recently I've decided to try a different and, hopefully, clearer way of presenting a basic tutorial. I'd appreciate feedback in the comments on how you find it so, here it is ...

TUTORIAL: Scalloped edged gift box (click on any image for a larger view) .... with thanks to Paula!

The following box was made by Kim. Really pretty and very wedding favourish, don't you think?



Carol said...

Very professional and easy to follow I would encourage everyone to have a go as this is the simplest way I know to make boxes :)


Anne said...

What a Fab box & tutoral Pam TFS

Joanie said...

A beautiful box, and you make it look so easy. Thank you for sharing Pam
Joanie xxxx

Janice said...

Great tutorial Pam, really enjoyed making this box, and can see me making them in the future. Just got to finish mine off still!

Cally said...

Great box Pam and so simple. I really enjoyed making it and will probably be making more.

Cally xx

Trish said...

Hi Peejay,
Great tutorial, not tried this way before. I loved the photos, they were very clear. The only problem I had was difficulty in reading some of the text(even when I enlarged it).I think it was the colour- it got lost in the background colour. No one else has mentioned it, so maybe I just need my eyes sorted!
Thanks for sharing it with us.
Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Pam a great tutorial.Lovely box
Sue c

Joy said...

Thankyou Peejay great tutorial and lovely box xx

sheffsue said...

Love the tutorial picture easy to follow. Gorgeous box by the way. I haven't got any nesties..or even a machine (son has machine though)...but I think it could be adapted.....fancy edge scissors.

Sue x

Sonia said...

Hi Pam:
Lovely Box. Thanks for this great tutorial. =)


Nancy Ward said...

Wanted you to know I posted a link to this tutorial today.

Nancy Ward

susan said...

great tutorial. the photos are very good. the only problem is the text color in the boxes on the photos. i could only read it when it was over a darker background. just plain old black text would be great. your work is stunning