Saturday, 14 January 2012

I've found ...

... a pretty good reason to 'keep on blogging'!  How's about turning your blog into a book in the interests of family history ... well, in my case anyway.  Think I may, at some point, be glad that this blog never really materialised into a 'specialist' craft blog and that it did become a rambling about my life in general - a diary type blog.

I'm starting to get itchy fingers to get back into this blogging lark.  I know I've a lot of catch up to do going back a few months but all Dad's bits have now been sorted out.  The funeral (cremation) took place in horrendous weather. Dad having the last laugh methinks as we all got blown to smithereens and soaked to the skin, then the sun came out in the afternoon.  We did leave the funeral to Morecambe and Wise singing 'Bring me Sunshine' *grin* It was a totally secular funeral service.

The flat has been emptied with most going to a local hospice charity to increase their coffers.  Wardrobes were dumped but everything else will be of use to somebody, not least the charity.  I sold a couple of things that paid for the wardrobe clearance and carpet cleaning.  Keys were returned yesterday so, once the last of any bills come in it's all dealt with.  

Today is the one month anniversary of his death and his death was the end of a generation in my family.  It seems longer and yet still so new.  2 days ago there was a new beginning.  The start of a new generation.   My first great-grandchild, was born.

Meet ... Tulisa Louise.
Born 12:31am, 12th January 2012
7lb 2oz 

The circle of life goes on in my family.

Thanks for dropping by .....