Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Seems as though ...

... there's not much going on in my life at the moment :0(  I've been having some bad nights of late and can't blame it all on the weather - which has been very hot and oppressive the past few days. The sleeplessness started last week before the heatwave hit. There's been a definite drop in temperature over the last couple of hours though so reckon it'll be back to more normal temperatures for this part of the world tomorrow.  Hoping so *grin*.

India is looking even more likely for mine and Jackie's next jaunt although but still got quotes to gather for other parts of the world.

Dad seems no worse for his fall on Friday. He had a visit from a physio yesterday morning. A really nice young guy. Did I say young? I think I'm getting old 'cos I opened the door to him and he certainly didn't look old enough to be a qualified physio but he obviously is. He had Dad grinning quite soon into the visit so that's a good thing. He had him doing a few simple exercises which Dad seemed to enjoy. He was left with a sheet to remind him what to do and the physio is coming back in 3 weeks to see how he's getting on. He has been warned not to hold his breath 'cos I can't see Dad doing the exercises when nobody is there. He's supposed to do them 3 to 5 times a day ...... ! Seems that the main problem, although it started with the osteoarthritis in his knees, is now really the tightness of his muscles. He's to work on stretching and softening them, especially behind his knees. That area feels rock hard! I've to go and buy him an adjustable foot stool so that he can put his feet up and allow gravity to help straighten his legs ... over time. He's supposed to help by pushing gently on his knees while his legs are stretched out but don't think that's gonna happen. The why's and wherefores have been explained to him so we're hoping, when he's had a chance to think about it, he will understand and remember to do the exercises.

Dad, on my visit last Tuesday, with head in his daily - *lol*

 Dad, on Friday, after his fall and the paramedic visit, waiting for the paramedic practitioner to come and deal with his head wounds.  Love the hat Dad - bless!  Fortunately it was discarded once the pp had been but was replaced with the stitches on the lip (his top left) after the hospital visit.

I've done a bit of sorting of some crafty stuff and I've found bits I no longer want, or need. I've decided to have an 'Items for Sale' page on here but separate to the main blog so, if anyone's interested then look for the tab at the top of the blog, under the header, and go see what goodies I'm offloading - *LOL* As and when I add new stuff I'll post to say I've done so 'cos I don't think page updates feed through like blog posts do to Reader or any other subscription.

Thanks for dropping by .....