Wednesday, 8 July 2009

FREEBIE - Black & white rose

With the popularity of black and white I decided to see what the 'pink' rose looked like in grayscale .... and have to say I quite like it! Base of black and white, bling it up and add colour with accent gems/brads/ribbon ..... possibly??

Please note:
These sheets and the original photograph, are copyright to me. You are free to use these in any way you wish for personal use and you may sell anything you make using them but please, do not share them in any way whatsoever but link to my blog for others to download for themselves. Please do not claim them as your own or sell the sheets in any form.

Click on any image for full size version and either print or save to your PC for printing at a later date.


1 comment:

Greta said...

These are gorgeous Pam. Well done you! x