Tuesday, 25 September 2018

It's weird ...

... some days seem like normal.  The normal I've got used to over the past few years.  Extended stays in hospital or the hospice so I'm on my own during the day and at night and it's pretty much how it is now - except there's now no hospital or hospice visiting.  I've been hospital visiting since July.  I don't need to go out now, part way through the day, and that's when I realise it's not the same.  Before, he came home, eventually, and life resumed together.  Now there's no coming home and life won't resume together.  33 years together.  Half my life, pretty much.  I'll miss him. 
Out of pain, out of anguish, no more suffering.  
Rest in peace my husband, partner, friend.
Dad, Grandpa, Great Grandpa and general pain in the butt!
Paul - 23rd Feb 1940 to 11th Sept 2018
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