Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Now I will ...

  ... be missing in action. I'm off tomorrow morning for my week in Spain with some good friends so there will be no blogging! Lappy being left home - aawwww!! I'm finally all packed and underweight - I think - on the luggage front, that is. I'm sure hoping so anyway. Just have no idea how accurate my non-digital bathroom scales are so I could be in for a surprise at the airport tomorrow! A  ll my hand luggage is crafty stuff apart from one change of clothes and some nightwear. My hold luggage is a good quarter craft stuff. Just as well it's lightweight clothing needed - and not much of that when there's a pool available and a beach nearby!
 In between the weekend of ironing and the packing I've been sorting my wardrobe as it was full of stuff I can no longer fit into. I've not finished but .... I've cleared out over half of it and today 25 pairs of trousers have bitten the dust - or will do but they're no longer in the wardrobe ... including many that still have their labels on. Don't know about Dogs Trust benefitting. Reckon I should try selling the new and nearly new .....

Had a bit of a shock today!  The Glitterpot - my favourite craft shop - has had to close it's doors to personal shoppers, with immediate effect - circs beyond their control.  This weeks workshops are going ahead as planned but we can only buy online now, although we can collect from shop personally.  I've sort of heard why but fortunately they are due to open a new, larger store very soon so it's a case of waiting a little while and they'll be back up and open for us to go shopping.  In meantime, mail order will have to   do - lol!
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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Missing in Action ...

  ... again! Not through illness, thank goodness, but just busy, busy. So glad that I'm back to where I was before the illness and up for doing things. I've made a few cards using the novelty of my new craft area. Can't show them to anyone yet but it was great to have the space to do them.

Then there's been a couple of days doing my most favourite job ... NOT! Ironing! Especially NOT as the weather has been wonderful.  It's been my ideal of a happy medium but now it's getting hotter so perhaps summer has finally arrived! 
Anyhow, haven't done any ironing for so long I had to spread it over 2 days but it's done. I've also had to start sorting out my wardrobe again. There's no space for the new stuff I've bought 'cos wardrobe is full of clothes I can't get into any more. Dogs Trust trip coming up again methinks - *LOL*! Reckon I should open my own secondhand clothes shop. I've certainly got enough, including items that still have their tags on that I bought 3 years or more ago! To think, I recall commenting on all the items Mum had with labels on when I sorted her clothes after she died. Hmmmmm!

I've also sorted out what I'm taking, craft-wise, for my week in Spain, although I have thoughts of adding some bits. I've nearly decided what I'm taking clothes-wise. Need to make final decisions as have to pack. Flight is Thursday morning .... Yessssssssssssss! 

Continuing catchup (think it might be nearing an end - lol!) -
Moving towards midweek, pain started coming back.  Couldn't do anything about it as Dad took up early part of week with meetings at the apartments and chiropodist visit but I didn't linger longer than I needed to with either.

By Thursday night I was in agony and could barely breath.  Friday morning appointment made with a female GP - a face to face appointment!  Consult over and diagnosis ... pleurisy!  Antibiotics, heavy duty painkillers and rest (not that I could actually do anything else)  Somewhat different to heartburn/indigestion.  If only doc had listened to what I was telling him the week before 'cos it weren't any different to what I told doc this time!  Anyways, a week later the pain was gone and I could breath again - well, as well as I can breathe normally, which isn't always too good.  Absolutely blasted though and no energy at all but ... I'm now back to full health - yeah, right!  Apart from my long term, permanent health problem I'm back to full health ... and strength and actually feel as though I want to do things which, in my book, is all good.

While all this was going on the pond had a visitor ............. a large red damsel fly (yep, that is it's common name).  Beautiful!

Doesn't the waterlily look amazing?  They flowered for the first time last year.  This year they're back in more numbers and even bigger than last year.  Stunning flowers.
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Friday, 18 June 2010

Floral Punch Craft Workshop

Thursday 20th May - Full day at the Glitterpot with Jane Gill.

The morning was spent making pansies. Jane had bought a tray of real pansies with her to give us inspiration for the colouring. The pansies were made from two sizes of heart punches . Punched from coloured paper and then coloured to add the detail.

The afternoon saw us tackle the Geraldton Wax flower. Little trickier but very effective. Again, the base of the flower was a heart punch and long strips of paper which had to be rolled up after being painted with a wash of colour. With time over we put a card together using the pansies. I've still to finish my card completely but the base is there *LOL*

The instructions for both of these flowers can be found in one of Leone Em's Floral Punch Craft books but not sure which one until I find my books. Sorry.


Thursday, 17 June 2010

Now underway ...

  ... prep for my holiday, that is. Went and exchanged my dollars for euro today. Didn't do so badly by not changing them up when I got back from Tanzania. The buy back was less than 10 cents different to what I bought them for. There are some advantages to a weak dollar - *LOL* I couldn't do a straight exchange, which didn't surprise me. They had to convert dollar to sterling and then to euro. I was advised to change the dollars in Spain where I'd get a straight swap and not lose so much but I had an idea of what a straight exchange would be and I didn't lose out too much. Easier to do it here than mess people around once there. We're only there for a week after all so don't want to spend any of that time in Bureau de Change! Bought some more summer clothes as well. Not what I'd gone for as didn't have anything like I was after but liked what I did get. While I was shopping I had the car valeted.  It used to get done on a monthly basis but now it gets done rarely - ooops!

Pretty much decided what to throw in case regarding crafty stuff - well, right now I have but anything can happen between now and next Thursday! Lifts to and from airport are finalised. So glad airport isn't far so it's not a long journey. With no traffic holdups it's about 40 minutes away ... or less. Now I have to do some washing and ironing and look to do the packing!

Even more catchup ...
After my day at the Glitterpot on 20th May, I felt drained.  Certainly no better. The following day I tried to get an appointment with the GP. No face to face appointments available but they booked me in for a telephone consult. Hmmmm, questions asked and I answered. I explained that I was worried about this pain as I didn't think it was muscular but felt more like my lung. I suspected it was pneumonia but doc decided I needed ant-acids! He reckoned it was indigestion and heartburn. Me? Not convinced at all. Collected the pills but never took one. Weekend came and went and the pain eased away. Although not feeling well at least I had no more pain.

Weather was still good and the plants I'd put in the pond last year are thriving. The iris bloomed and looked beautiful. Pity I wasn't feeling the same *LOL*

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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Boring stuff ...

.. today! Paperwork, banking, measuring suitcases - well, weekend case - prepare shopping order and book slot for Monday. Had a couple of crafty packets arrive. Just a bit more to find homes for - *LOL* Yesterday wasn't much better as morning was spent with Dad and a meeting regarding the start up, or not, of the catering facilities at the apartments. They want to change the terms of tenancy, introduce the catering but on the basis that everyone has to pay, whether they use it or not. No mention this could happen when he took the tenancy and not sure that he will use it if they bring it in now. He might have done if it was there at the start. He's such a hermit he's not interested in doing anything outside of his apartment front door. In fact, he's never been outside it on his own. If they do a 'tray' service then he might use it but otherwise it would be a waste of money!

Continuing catch up ...
The weekend I started to feel ill I sat and wound about 200yds of ribbon to keep in some ribbon storage I'd bought. Monday morning I had pains between my shoulder blades. Decided the winding hadn't done my muscles any good, although didn't truly believe it. Wednesday, pain still with me but had moved to just below bottom rib on right hand side. Was booked for massage so asked therapist to check muscles. Couldn't find any knots or problems.

Thursday, despite not feeling that well, I took myself off for a workshop I had booked at the Glitterpot. A bit of floral punch craft with Jane and a dozen like-minded people, just the medicine to help make me feel better. Beautiful day and I just had to stop on my journey there when I went over Ditchling Road towards the Beacon and came across fields full of yellow rape. Stunning against the beautiful blue sky and I was rather taken with the farm machinery left in the middle of it all!  All within a 10 minute drive of my home.

Looking from Ditchling Road towards where I'd come from.  Road I'd driven down 2 minutes from home and top of my village, can be seen just left of centre on horizon (lighter colour)

View from Ditchling Beacon north over Ditchling and onwards ...

... and towards Lewes way

Lovely day making pansies and geraldton wax (yep, I had to Google it as well but it's a very pretty Australian flower). Not sure I was going to make the full day but a break at lunchtime sitting on the patio overlooking the newly formed, as yet uncolonised lake, and watching the sheep - I was ready for the afternoon. I did leave a little early but I really enjoyed the day. Results of that day will be over on Bits soon ...

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For the first time!

I've never been able to do this before 'cos I've never had a workdesk until now but ... I can join in on WOYWW (What's on your workdesk Wednesday). Today it's really tidy 'cos I've only just finished it. Well, it's not quite finished but at least there's space that I can work now. It's a temporary measure until I can get back to dealing with getting my craft room proper up and running. It's been a work in progress for around 5 years (yes, I did say years) but real life and family keep getting in the way. Anyway, for now, here is my new workspace. Just need to get down to using it now *LOL*

PS:  Wednesday evening:  I realised, after I'd posted, that my Martha's (and other things you can't see) are on the shelf in their packets and that somebody might comment.  Well, surely somebody did (Julia) *LOL*  I should explain.  I'm one of those people that generally take nothing out of it's packaging until I actually use it.  My mentality is, if I never use it then it will be easier to sell if it's still packaged so why open it until it's needed.  I have a lot of 'stuff' - and I mean a lot that is still packaged and unused as I'm mainly a col-lec-tor.  People who know me constantly take the mickey because they know exactly what I'm like *LOL*  Having said that, now I have a space there's a chance some of my unused bits might actually get used now!


Tuesday, 15 June 2010


You might have noticed there has been a drought in my blogging and, if you read my Ramblings blog you'll be picking up why - partly! Before I took ill I had a day with friends, Kim and Greta, and we made a couple of cards. One I've still to finish but the other is done! I made it for my Dad for Father's Day. He's always known as Jumbo and I try to theme his cards to his 'name'. He also likes novelty and yes, I know this is really a child's card but ... he'll love it and I can see it raising a grin to his face. reckon it'll be pointed out to every carer that visits him as well - *LOL*

I snagged the photo under from Greta.  It shows all the wobblers that we made that day.  Kim's is the one on the left and Greta's is the one at the back.  I've done more work on mine since this photo was taken as I've trimmed the rocker close to Ellie's legs.

The wobblers are die cut sheets from Kanban.  Things like this are not my normal choice as they really are just sticking things together and it's not what I call crafting but ... I can see young children (and old parents) loving them and they do make quick, effective cards - once you've figured out how they actually go together.  I have to say that the instructions are worse than useless! The heads are stuck onto a strip of folded acetate to make them wobble and everything else is just stuck together with DST and/or foam pads.


Target met ...

... well, near as! It's taken an age, especially as it's been interrupted and nothing's been done for the past 4 weeks but ........... I've finally got my little corner in the study cleared and organised so I can craft in there! Not a big space and it's a temporary measure but it's somewhere I've not had before. It's temporary because I've got a whole room upstairs that is still a work in progress although the work stopped months (could be 18) ago as 'life' has got in the way and also, a returning child who has left again but not taken all his belongings with him! I'm sure this room will come to fruition at some point but it's nearly 5 years ago since I started on it - ooops! Although my little corner isn't totally organised in the way I'd really like, it will happen as I start to use it - I'm just so pleased to have some clear desk space and some storage! Now it's a proper tidy and clean time and the study will be back in full commission and I can turn my attention to packing up the lounge ready for decorating! But ... not until I've had my week away in the sun - *lol*
OK, more catchup! ...
A few days after my meet up with Greta and Kim I started to feel ill.  Couldn't say exactly how I felt but it certainly wasn't well.  Then we had notification from my second home - the imag-e-nation craft forum - that it was closing at the end of May.  There were many that were truly disappointed with that news, no less me.  Many of us have become friends through this forum and not just cyber friendships.  Over the years there have been meetings arranged and we've become friends in 'real' life.  Some of us have holidayed together. my 3 weeks in Tanzania earlier this year was with a friend I made through this forum.  The week in Spain is with friends I've made through this forum.  The long weekend at Appleby Magna last year - and being repeated in September, but for a day longer - is with friends made through this forum.  The first 'national' meet was back in 2006 in Manchester and was the start of my wanderings.  It was the first time I'd driven such a long distance and the first time I'd driven on a motorway - and a story to tell about silly satnav - or should that be silly Pam?  Now try stopping me!

We've had loads of fun on the forum with all sorts of topics covered from axe murderers to fluggy goats (don't ask!).  We've had lots of sadness as well when we've lost close and loved ones or been going through bad times of one sort or another.  There's always been massive support and comfort offered.  There's also been a few upsets along the way but isn't that normal with lots of people and different personalities?  No different to any family really but most people are adult enough to accept that we are all different, will not always agree, clear the air and move on. Unfortunately, some aren't!  Anyway, we were told this forum would close at the end of the month but might not disappear completely until 6th June at the latest.  To date, it's still there but it's barely being used because ......... we've a new forum!  One of the members, Senorita Lynn (yep, one of our Spanish dwelling ladies who some of us are visiting next week - well, we've hired a villa actually - lol!) started a new forum,  Crafters Reunited and .... we've moved over and continuing as if nothing has happened!

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Monday, 14 June 2010

Must be feeling ...

   ... better, or at least improved, 'cos I'm up for doing things ... including updating blog. Need to continue work on my holiday slideshow stuff but priority is sorting my craft bits which came to a halt when I became ill. I'd been making big advances on that as well. That's big compared with what I had been doing - *LOL* Have to say it's not all my craft bits as it's not my 'craft room' I'm working on but a corner of the study as a temporary crafty base. I spent some time working on it on Saturday and I think, what I'd planned on doing, is nearly done. Once done I need to pack up living room as we want to have it decorated this year.
I used to do the decorating but health won't allow me to now so Philip, eldest son, was in line for doing it as he was out of work. He'd given up the job he'd had for 15 years when he moved away as it wasn't cost effective to keep up the travelling on what he earnt. Anyway, my recent illness sort of put an end to that idea ... perhaps ... as he's found himself another job and starts it when I come back from my break in Spain. I don't have time now, to prepare before I go, so may have to pay a stranger to do it. Discussion with son needed because, as his job is only part-time, he may be able to fit it in ...before he starts at college in September on a mechanics course, which will take up the remainder of his spare time. He's pretty much a mechanic anyway but he's self taught so nobody will take him on without official qualification.  Hence going to college - to get qualified! They've allowed him to skip a level.  He was hoping to skip 2 and just do the final level but they won't go along with that.  He's got to do all but the most basic one. Tutor has told him he'll probably be teaching him to suck eggs but it's a necessary evil to get the qualification. He's been advised to just sit, glaze over and 'go with the flow' *grin*
Anyway, now's an ideal time to update blog.   Nowt on TV except boring football (soccer) for a month! World Cup in South Africa so every other TV programme is a football match! Fine if you like footie but not everybody in the UK likes it and those of us that don't aren't really catered for at all with programming. If it's not footie it's F1 (which I don't mind) and of course, round the corner ..... Wimbledon. I used to love watching that but even that has become boring. Showing my age but, give me the 'characters' of years ago. McEnroe, Connors, Nastase etc etc. The era of the player that could play all court tennis and relied more on skill and speed around the court than power but also showed their passion, and frustrations *lol*,  for the game .... and the women didn't feel the need to make those horrendous noises every time they hit the ball! Anyways ...

More catch up ...
On the Wednesday following the weekend of the Deans Festival and the craft show in Worthing, I had a day crafty playing with Greta and Kim, with Greta being the hostess. We made a couple of cards, stamped a few images, had a lovely lunch which included some of Greta's wonderful homemade soup and generally had a lovely day.  Details of makings will, eventually, make it onto the Bits blog! *LOL*

Unfortunately, just that following weekend I started to feel ill and that was the start of what ended up being diagnosed as pleurisy!

The weather had been generally good. It was certainly good enough to give my lilac bush one of it's best shows of bloom I've ever had, especially since it was cut right back to the ground just about 4 years ago.  Now there's not a bloom left on it - well, not like this 'cos they're now all brown and going to seed!

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Sunday, 13 June 2010

I'm being ...

... such a bad blogger at the moment. I'm recovered from my bout of pleurisy but really don't have any mojo, energy or stamina for anything. I've resorted to taking a tonic, hoping that it will help to get me going again. It certainly won't hurt but whether it will help or not remains to be seen. It's less than 2 weeks away from my next jolly now and I really want to be able to enjoy that as much as I can. I'm off to Spain for a week with a group of girlie friends. I'm so looking forward to it. Should be great fun. We've been told that we don't need many clothes - as long as we've swimsuits and sarongs we'll be fine and apparently the pool temperature is just right!

Catching up ...
Before I became ill, way back in early May, May 8th to be precise, Emma took part in a local festival/féte putting on a display with her dancing groups. Yep, that's groups! She belongs to 2. One is through the school and is a Morris dancing group and the other is a private dance school she goes to during the week. At this particular festival both groups were performing so I took the opportunity of going along to watch her doing her Morris dancing. It was a bitterly cold day and I really felt for the youngsters as they were shivering from the cold but I think they did extremely well considering. Everyone else was wrapped up in winter jackets!

I'm tired but I'm not giving in!

Not sure what this was called but Emma's teacher wore it in the Children's Parade at the start of the Brighton Festival. This is not Emma's teacher - lol!

... and a very short clip of some Morris dancing a lá Emma and her little friends

I followed it with a lovely afternoon at the Worthing Stamp Show where I met a couple of friends, Kim (who was rushing lunch inbetween workshops) and Greta. It's a very small craft show which is held at the Charmandean Centre a couple of times a year. I hadn't been for a few years and was surprised at how small it was compared with the last time I'd been. Have to say I didn't spend much at all but when I left I diverted to the new Range store, which is not far from the Charmandean Centre, and spent a few pennies in their craft section! Well, you have to .... don't you?
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