Sunday, 19 July 2009

FREEBIE - Waterlily 3D decoupage & Toppers

I'm on a roll but think this will be it for a few weeks. Got to find some suitable photos or copyright free images now - not an easy task!

Here's some 3D decoupage, toppers, borders and backing sheets all made from one photo of our waterlily that blossomed a couple of weeks ago. I took loads of photo's of it and had the mickey taken out of me mercilessly because I had my camera out there in all lights and different times of day ....

Again, I've not used them myself - they've only just been finished - so I've no idea if they work or not. Let me know if they don't and send me piccies of finished projects if they do ..... pleeeeaaase!

Please note:
These sheets and the original photograph are copyright to me. You are free to use the sheets in any way you wish for personal use and you may sell anything you make using them but please, do not share them in any way whatsoever but link to my blog for others to download for themselves. Please do not claim them as your own or sell the sheets in any form.

Click on any image for full size version and either print or save to your PC for printing at a later date.



Anonymous said...

Thankyou for the gorgeous waterlily's I have the same ones on my pond right now ,Have you room for any ? Ha Ha.Pat x

Anonymous said...

Fantastic sheets Pam, you are getting very good at making them, there will be no stopping you now.
Thanks for sharing them.

Jackie P xx

Anne said...

Pam Thank you for the lovely sheets that I have just found on your blog, I have saved them for future use. You hav mastered the art of making them and changing colour quickly, wish I was as good at picking up methods as you are.

Norma said...

Pam the waterlilly sheets are brilliant, thanks somuch for sharing them with us

Norma x

Janice said...

Gorgeous sheets're so clever!! Thanks so much for sharing them.

Gormal said...

Excellent and just what I was looking for to fill the aperture in my latest card. It really is brill!