Friday, 30 May 2008


.... couple of days. I've had my 11 year old grand-daughter for the last couple of mornings. I look after her, when she's not staying with a friend, on a Thursday & Friday morning during school holidays and it's been ½ term this week. Yesterday we made a visit to the Glitterpot so that I could buy the papers needed for the imag-e-nation forum SE mini-meet next Thursday. She has never been to a proper 'grown-up's' craft shop and she really enjoyed herself. While there we looked at nearly all the demo cards that were on display and she was fascinated with the shaped and non-standard cards on show. She was particularly taken with a spring card, especially a really tiny one - lol! Guess what we were doing this morning ................. yep, making shaped cards!!

I showed her how to make a spring card starting with a card blank and then with a flat sheet of card. She now knows exactly how to make one (without a template) and went home with lots of ideas of how to get different shaped tops. She also made her Father's Day card, using my Sizzix Lollipop alphabet and my Cuttlebug. We cut the letters - after sticking double sided on the card first - and then passed them through the bug using an embossing folder to texturise them. I'm also a little light on some of my organza ribbon I've not long bought - lol! We punched several flowers with one of the Woodware Flower punches and she took those home to play with because - we ran out of time - sob! Well, we had been grocery shopping and called in to my Dad's as well so, all in all, we've had a very busy but productive couple of mornings.

It made a nice change from clearing, sorting and cleaning - roflmao!

Thursday, 29 May 2008


A little while ago my eldest managed to get his hands on an imported Subaru Impreza, otherwise known as a 'Scoobie', at a bargain price - there is a story (isn't there always? - lol!!) A work colleague's partner had it but it failed it's MOT. He paid to have some work done but was then quoted around £2k to have a new exhaust and cat' fitted so car was parked in the works car park - for nearly a year!! The company finally got fed up of this car being parked there and gave the owners an ultimatum to move it or it would be moved and crushed. My eldest - ever having an eye on a bargain - made the owners an offer which was accepted, not happily but it was better than nothing.

Eldest had done his homework and knew he could make a bit on it if he did the work needed himself. He found an exhaust on eBay which, fortunately, was reasonably local and he won it - at £40. He did the work and put it in for it's MOT. Car ended up costing him around £2k in total (purchase, parts & work) and it's worth, according to the garage, around £4.5k. We went to the last archery comp in it as it was a local one (very juicy car - lol!!) and OMG!! I wasn't too keen on being left about 200 yards up the road in the back of the seat when he accelerated - lol! The power in that car was amazing and I can see why the Essex police use them on the motorways! He's now bought himself a 2nd one, which was somebody's project car and was delivered ................ in pieces! His aim - to use what he wants from the project car to do up this one (which is now becoming his project) and break the rest.

The original car will probably be sold sometime once the work's been done (it's already been up for sale on eBay a couple of times and attracted time-wasters) ................ but - we think crafting is an expensive hobby - lol!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Slight delay - oooops!

Well, I won't be finished at Dad's place quite as soon as I thought after I'd sorted the first floor. We've gone through the lounge and discarded the stuff he doesn't want, which wasn't much but he now has an empty cupboard, 2 (out of only 3) empty drawers and a completely re-organised bureau. Everything is all dusted and polished and then I looked at the venetian blinds! Oh dear - don't think they've been cleaned for a while (sob!). Wouldn't be so bad if they were small ones but one covers some french windows and the other 3 aren't tiny either - lol! They're now a third done but climbing and stretching doesn't do my shoulder a lot of good so I'm having to clean them in stages. Reckon the lounge will be finished by the end of the week now - kitchen will just have to wait until next week.

Tomorrow I've got my eldest grand-daughter for the morning (half-term) so I'm going to take a bit of time off and we're going to visit the
Glitterpot as I've some buying to do for the southern imag-e-nation mini meet next week. I need to get a variety of Basic Grey papers so's we can make some flowers & leaves with the Woodware Flower & Leaf Makers that I have - lol!! She's been to Hobbycraft (our Chrissie pressie to her was a shopping trip to our 'local' store which is about a 50-60 mile round trip) but she's never been to a craft shop like the Glitterpot. Mind you, it could be that Hobbycraft is better suited to an 11 year old anyway - lol!

Had a pleasant evening with some old friends last night. Good meal and a chat. My mate, Cally, was just back from a couple of weeks in Florida. She'd taken a shopping list from me for some Cuttlebug bits and she managed to get most of what I had on it. Definitely a lot cheaper than over here and bonus was - no shipping to pay (not that it's expensive anyway but every penny counts - lol!). She bought Joanne's out of their CB stuff but said she was really disappointed with all of the 4 Michael's stores she visited. Still, I'm sure it won't stop her going again when she's back there in November!!

Monday, 26 May 2008


I've been playing in my very basic graphics prog (a scrapbooking one I've not used for scrapbooking yet - lol!!) and made myself a new blog header. I decided that I wanted something different to using a craft background paper - which is what I had - and something more related to the general ramblings this blog is turning out to be but, also relevant to me. I found a stunning photograph via Google Maps (click to see my area) which was just what I wanted and this is the original, found on Panoramio, photographed by 'superglue'.

It's a photo of the ruins of the West Pier, Brighton & Hove's 2nd pier (and the setting for the 1969 film 'Oh, What a Lovely War), until it's demise. There's been a lot of debate about restoring this pier to it's former glory but I feel it's gone too far now for restoration. Many people are calling for it to be removed completely but I think the ruins are amazing. Silhouetted against a fiery sunset the effect is stunningly beautiful and very surreal. Below the surface it's teaming with sealife as it has now become something of a reef. Personally I think it should be left and leave nature to take it's course, as it has done already over the years.

Anyway, the blog header is now a picture from my home town and I hope you enjoy the view - lol!

I have more changes in mind and I'll post about those when I've time to play .....


The upper floor is finished - all sorted, tidied and organised - yesssssssss! It's also had a good spring clean. Heaven knows what the cleaner, that used to come, did for her money but it wasn't proper cleaning - lol! We're waiting on Age Concern finding another (last one got another job and left) but at least I know that there's now a mega clean base to start from. I've to start on the downstairs now, starting in the lounge 'cos that'll be done in a day. Dad has already said that he doesn't think he'll get rid of much from there as all the knick-knacks have sentimental value. Fortunately there's not a lot but what's there includes bits from family weddings, their Silver and Gold anniversaries (real shame that their Diamond in October won't be joining them) and bits all the kids have bought over the years.

Kitchen might not take much longer than a day either. I've already sorted the food cupboard, dumped all the out of code stuff and restocked. I've really only got to go through the cooking utensils and the pots & pans - a lot of which will be going as there's far too many for Dad's needs.

I think I need a good break. I'm feeling really tired now but I want to get Dad's place finished and then I can relax. If I stop now I won't want to get going again so I need to crack on and then have a break before I start on my own place - lol!! I do have some things to look forward to throughout June. Firstly, some of us southern imag-e-nationers (forum friends) are meeting up for a crafty day next week and I've got my balloon flight on the 18th (providing weather plays ball - lol!).

I've also got a weekend away at the end of June - yay!! My brother and sister-in-law have offered me this weekend so I'm taking them up on it. My nephew is dance captain (or something like that) of the entertainment team at Haven Holidays, Devon Cliffs and is also Rory the Tiger but (sshhhhhhsh!) don't tell the little ones! It's the 2nd season he's worked for Haven and he thoroughly enjoys it but, bonus is, the weekends that bro & sil can get at reduced rates and, this year, I'm having a bit as well - roflmao! Hubby is happy for me to go - in fact, has actively encouraged it - so it will be good to get away for the 4 days. I've been to this particular site before but a few years ago now. There have been a few changes so it will be interesting to see what it's like now ............ bring it aaaalllllllllll on!!

Friday, 23 May 2008

A light ...

... at the end of the tunnel. Tomorrow should see the end of me sorting, tidying and cleaning the upper floor of Dad's place - yay!! There are still odd bits & pieces left, electricals that the Dog's Trust shop won't take and other bits - like brand new shoes that cost an arm and a leg so I'm loathe to give them away. I've advertised some of it via the local Free Ads and a couple of bits have gone so there is progress on that. Other bits I'll try on eBay and failing it going that way I'll go car-booting and then offer any that can't go to the Dog's Trust, on Freecycle. There's not much, so no rush and it can stay at Dad's and I'll deal with it all from there.

Next week I will start on the ground floor. Shouldn't take as long as there's not so much to go through. The main problem has been that it's a 3 bedroom house with only 1 bedroom being used as a bedroom. The largest room (mine when I was at home) had been lined with wardrobes - 7 double ones, floor to ceiling - so it was like a massive walk-in wardrobe & storage room. The smallest room, although not having any wardrobes, was still a storage room with shelves, drawers and a fair bit of floor space ..... at least, there is now - LOL!! Now, everything Dad needs is in his bedroom, in the 2 double wardrobes that are in that room. The other rooms will, when the remaining bits are disposed of, be empty except for anything that's fitted - like the 7 double wardrobes and the ironing board - lol! One thing I've decided - I'm going to have a clear out of some of my bits soon. I know I have things that haven't seen the light of day in years. It has to go!

I reckon a couple of weeks and I'll have Dad straight and we can start him living the rest of his life. I plan to get him out a couple of times a week where possible, even if it's only to get him down on the Undercliff at Ovingdean/Rottingdean to sit and watch the world go by for an hour.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Aaaahhhh ........... and Aaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh!

....... the beautiful aroma (NOT!) of .................................................. muck spreading. It's been a nice day here today so we've had our patio doors open while we've been home. Trouble is, the farmers are making the most of it as well and we can smell the evidence - lol!! We live about 3 miles from the sea and have a sea view - admittedly interrupted by trees and it's very distant, but sea view we do have however, we also have a lot of farmland around us to the south, between the sea and us, and to the west, between us and the town, oops sorry, city! In fact we have farmland to the north and east as well but more of the estate between us and it!. Hopefully the aroma won't last long and we're forecast heavy rain for the weekend so that'll deal with it if we get it - lol.

Aaarrrggghhhh ... this morning I had to have a blood test. I had one about 2 months or so ago - can't remember exactly when but it was before Mum died. A couple of weeks later I had a letter from the surgery telling me it needed to be repeated and today I finally got round to having it done. Seems I had an impaired fasting glucose result, despite fasting, so I made sure and fasted for well over the 12 hours this time. The problem I have is that there is only one person at the surgery that can get blood out of me at the first go. She used to be a phlebotomist so knows what she's doing. The practise nurses, although really nice, usually end up trying about 4 times and then giving up, by which time I'm in tears and a quivering wreck. I now specifically ask for this one nurse that gets it first time (and is usually the person that the other nurses call for when they've given up or I've walked out). Anyway, got to surgery today and was told I was with another nurse as the one I asked for, and thought my appointment was with, was not available. I lost it a bit - OK, a lot, and started having a panic attack right there in the waiting room. Told receptionist that I'd rebook for when the other one was there and asked why, when I'd asked for her specifically (the day didn't matter) I hadn't been booked in with her. I was then told that the visiting phlebotomist was in so they'd see if she would do it - and hey, she would and she did but ....................... it still took her 2 hits before she got it. Although I have good veins, they are very deep-seated and difficult to find and those in my right arm tend to collapse as soon as a needle goes near them. All I'll say is, if these results show as impaired then they can go fish for any more blood at the moment. Why can't they find a different way of getting blood other than with a needle????

Monday, 19 May 2008

Oh Wow!!

I've had a comment from the Dogs Trust on one of my posts (here). :o)) No idea how they found me but I'm sooo pleased! Mum would be over the moon, especially if people have been kind enough to make donations to them as well. There were no flowers at her funeral (other than from the great-grandchildren) but we requested donations to the Dogs Trust, Shoreham. I've not heard from the Funeral Director yet, as to whether anyone did donate but, would expect to hear sometime soon as it's now a month and a day since her funeral. Reckon she's stocked the Shoreham shop for a good while with what Dad & me have taken out there in the last 4 weeks. Coming to an end now though but there could still be the odd thing to go.

Ollie - their dog - came from the Dogs Trust at Shoreham, in 1996, as a 6 week old puppy called Dallas. His name was changed to Ollie as my hubby was representing Great Britain in the Paralympics, held in Atlanta, USA, that year.

Over the years Mum supported the Trust in many ways but we regularly made trips to Shoreham with bedding, food and shop donations - at least 3 or 4 times a year. I have no idea where she got the stuff that we took out there or, more to the point, why she bought most of it in the first place! The majority of it seemed to go as totally unused or hardly used - lol! I sometimes thought she bought stuff deliberately with a view to it going to 'the dogs home'! We didn't have to think twice about what to do with her stuff when she died - LOL!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

2082*9 Pte Jupp RE

Well, here they are - all bright, shiny and new and not looking at all like they should do after 63 years but ........... he's thrilled!! They're now on show in his display cabinet, along with his Veteran's Badge.

Having seen these in their nice, new, shiny state and sparkling clean ribbons, I have decided to leave my Grandad's WWI medals exactly as they are - with the patina acquired by their 90 years of age. I may buy new ribbons and purchase the one medal I didn't find but only to complete the collection and so that the ribbons are there, if ever needed, in years to come. Oh yes, the crest on the boxes was the Royal Crest - lol!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

I wish ...

... I'd taken my camera with me on my afternoon visit to Dad. In fact, I think I need to start taking it as matter of course. Postie had called since my morning visit and ................ he'd bought another packet! It was from the MOD (Ministry of Defence for non-UKers!) and it was .......... the medals I'd applied for on his behalf. The medals he should have had way back when but didn't think he was entitled to. It was the medals for his service through WWII - yessssssssssssss!! They are beautifully presented in boxes which have a crest on the top. Can't recall which crest but I'll check tomorrow when I do take my camera!! Once again Dad's face was a treat and I could have cried he looked so proud (OK, I admit it - I did, in the car on my way home - lol).

Here are the ones he's received - a photo of the 'real' ones will be posted as soon as I have them.
OK, so they're not campaign medals as he was never in battle but, he served from before the start of the war to past it's end so has every right to have them, wear them and display them.

Busy & Expensive

....but not for me! Well, the expensive wasn't but the busy was for me and eldest!

Dad's garden was getting rather overgrown so action was needed. The gardener that had been calling on Mum & Dad had given up ringing this year after being put off a few times (last time when Mum was hospitalised the first time) and I haven't been able to find any contact details for him. Found contact details for everyone else but the gardener? Nope! Anyway, yesterday we hired a petrol mower & eldest did the deed. Fortunately the weather, forecast to be diabolical, turned out to be ideal for gardening (overcast and cool) and he not only managed to get the grass cut but the hedges as well. The grass was so long that it couldn't be cut too short so needs another go over once it's standing up again - lol! To that end we went and bought a petrol mower and great-grandson is going to be the gardener from now on. At least, he'll be given the chance of doing a decent job else I'll be looking for a permanent professional - lol!

While eldest was gardening I was houseworking, Dad's cleaner having found another job and left him a couple of weeks ago, and we've not managed to find a replacement yet. I don't like houseworking but it made a change from sorting and clearing - lol!

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Veteran Dad

As promised, I took my camera to Dad's today and here's the Veteran's Badge he received yesterday.

The Same but Different.

I was looking more closely at the card I posted from the Glitterpot class on Friday and noticed that the petals were a bit higgledy-piggledy (strange saying that - lol!) It gave me an idea so, I got the card out again and here are some more pictures, but this time there are 2 versions. One where the petals are tucked under each other, rosette style, and a second where they are in a double layer, offset. What do you think? (click on image to enlarge)


Well, my punches have arrived and the 600m of ribbon! Haven't tested the punches yet but the ribbon is beautiful. There is one problem. It's not on reels. I have 10m each of 30 colours in 2 widths - 7mm and 15mm. The colours are beautiful but how the heck do I store 10m of ribbon which isn't on a reel? I have plenty of ribbon wraps but reckon that 10m is just tooooooooo much to expect them to take comfortably - lol!! Thinking cap is on but if anyone has any ideas I'd be only too pleased to hear them!
I bought them from a site I'd never heard of, Monoco Direct, and I have to say I'm impressed with the service. I ordered, after close of business on the 12th and, it arrived this morning by Special Delivery. My order was over £45 so I got free p&p and the postage was nearly £9

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Aww Bless!!

Got to Dad's this afternoon and loaded car for yet another trip to the Dogs Trust (losing count of how many times we've done this 30mile round trip now -lol!). Asked me if I'd like a cuppa and, as he went to make it, a silly grin crossed his face, which lit his whole face and eyes up, as he said "while I'm doing that you can take a look at the Veteran's medal I got in the post today" What he'd actually received was a UK Armed Forces Veteran's Lapel Badge I'd applied for a couple of weeks ago after he'd remembered his service number. I hadn't told him I'd applied for it so it came as a surprise to him .... completely. His face was a picture and I just wish I'd had my camera to hand! I'll take my camera tomorrow and take a piccie of the badge. I'm now wondering what his reaction will be if he receives the medals I think he's entitled to because of his WWII service. I've applied for any he may be due as he's never had any so, it's wait and see time on that one - lol!
here for the UK Veterans site.


Banks!! A month ago I went into local branch of Mum's bank to put the wheels in motion to close her bank accounts and have the money's paid out. Not a fortune involved and the branch advised that they pay out up to £15k without Letters of Administration needing to be obtained, as is usual for sums over £5k when no will is involved. Mum's 'estate' wasn't much over £5k but over it, it was. One of the cogs involved signing a Statutory Declaration in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths, which I did. Today, over a month later, I get a letter from the bank telling me I'd signed the wrong form - the one the branch gave me was for sums under £5k ..... doh!! - and enclosed another to have signed. A nuisance but not a major catastrophy but - why has it taken them a month to let me know? I could understand it if there was a large sum of money involved but there's not, so now I will probably have to wait another month before I get the payment of her estate. Just as well I had enough put by to cover the funeral expenses ........

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Tut, tut!!

I was looking for some more of the Woodware Flower Maker punches online. I found a stockist that had one available (seems when you find a stockist they're out of stock of most of 'em - lol!!) and the Woodware Blink Blink punch used for the flower centre in the card made at the Glitterpot class with Jane. Trouble is, they also had some really good deal on ribbon and - I ended up ordering, not only the punches but, 600m of organza ribbon - ooooooooooops!! I don't actually need any ribbon as I have hundreds of metres of the stuff - all sorts - but most is in 1m lengths so it wouldn't last long anyway, once started! Reckon I shall now have enough to open a shop but I also need to find another storage method - for reels this time........

Monday, 12 May 2008

Busy few days -

- on top of getting excited about my balloon flight and having the class at the Glitterpot.

Thursday was a funny day. Funny odd, that is! My brother had said he wanted to scatter Mum's ashes in a certain place. I was happy to leave them for the Crematorium to deal with. That is, for them to be scattered in the Gardens of Remembrance, but I agreed that we'd scatter them as per my brother's wishes. Cutting the story a bit short, Mum is now sharing space with her first born, her brother and her Mum but not without taking a trip to the Garden Centre first so, she did make that final trip, even if she had to spend it waiting for us in the car! Not sure Mum would approve of what we've done as she never said it's what she wanted and she hadn't visited my sister's grave in 40 years but, it's done now. Apart from Dad, and he wouldn't remember now, I was the only person alive who knew where the grave was. As we were leaving we realised it was exactly a month from the day she died.

Thursday evening Dad and myself, or rather I, with Dad coming along for the ride, delivered his unwanted music centre (old style with deck etc) to a young man after we advertised it on Freecycle (he not only wants Mum's stuff cleared but a lot of his own as well) and Friday Mum's mobility scooter went. Today somebody collected an old portable TV we advertised as 'free to collector'. It was so old it was manual working - no remote - lol!! It still works though so will do somebody a turn and it's better than dumping it.

Saturday morning saw me cleaning the area that the scooter had used as a garage! That looks a lot brighter and fresher and Dad's pleased he has the space back. It's now the wheelchair's home but that doesn't take up anywhere near the amount of room the scooter did.

Yesterday I spent at an archery tournament that eldest was competing in. He won it last year but he came 2nd this year. Weather was superb although it meant I was chasing the shade but it was a lovely relaxing day for me! The year before last I won the ladies competition at this event but I haven't shot there since because of my frozen shoulder. I'm hoping to start up again with the nicer weather coming along.

Today! Well, today I did some more packing up and there's another bag fully packed and ready to go to the Dogs Trust and another 1/2 full. May yet have another trip out there this week - lol! I also had to take a trip out to the Glitterpot to take back one of the Woodware Flower Maker punches I bought on Friday. It didn't cut cleanly and it jammed. They had another so we opened it to test it before I brought it away and it's just as well we did 'cos that one did the same thing and the cut was awful! They tried the demo one from the workshop and that wouldn't even cut ordinary paper cleanly. I came away with 2 stamps instead and will steer clear of this particular punch I think. It's the Daisy Banque punch. Would make a brilliant flower if it worked!!

Anyway, that's my last few days, quickly. Could lengthen the story of the ashes but perhaps most is better left unsaid however, there's yet another spooky thing. For anyone that watches Emmerdale and has followed the story re Daniel. His cross has 'died 21st February 2008, Aged 6 months' inscribed. My sister's headstone has 'died 21st February 1950, Aged 6 months' ...............

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Can I .....

...... get excited - now - huh? - can I? can I? PLEEEEEASE???? :o))))

I've just booked something that has been a dream of mine to do for years. It's not really something that you would ever pay for, well, not for yourself anyway, but the family bought this as a present for me at Christmas. It's the last pressie that Mum ever had any input with/in so from that point of view it's become extra special and not just because it's been a long time dream of mine.

It's a .................................. (drum roll!!) ........................................ HOT AIR BALLOON FLIGHT!!

I've watched them fly over our archery ground on a nice, still, summers evening just as it's cooling after a long hot day and I've so wished I was in that basket and now - I'm going to be! May not be flying over the archery ground but who cares. Date of my adventure, providing weather plays ball - 18th June, meeting 6pm-ish ...................... BRING IT ON!!!

Friday, 9 May 2008

Nesting time!

The Glitterpot have another set of nesting birds. Last year they had some really sweet little swallows (I think). This year it looks like a blackbird or thrush. They don't exactly nest in a quiet spot as they use the roof of the porch that leads into the shop! Managed to get a pic of Mum poking her head up on my way out today ......


I've done some crafting!! I had a lovely morning at The Glitterpot and I looooooove the cards I made. Jane Gill was once again her truly inspiring self. How do people think up ways of using things that wouldn't even cross my mind? I'm OK at the doing - rubbish at the thinking up - err, sorry, designing!! Sooooo wish I had that type of imagination :o)) Anyway, here's what I made -

The flowers and leaves were made using the new Woodware Flower and Leaf Maker punches. These punches not only punch the shape but also emboss. The flower card used the Oak Leaf and Snow Crystal punches. The paper used for all elements of the card was Basic Grey and the edges were inked to give more definition. The base card was Bazzill.

The leaf card used shapes from each of the leaf punches available and again used Basic Grey papers in shades of green, enhanced by inks. The backing was a green and white gingham but not sure of the manufacturer.

I just love these cards!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Woo Hoo!!

It's tomorrow!! My class with Jane Gill at the Glitterpot. I'm soooooo looking forward to this class. I haven't done one piece of crafting since before Christmas and I think that was a full day at the Gitterpot with Paula Pascual. I had to cancel classes earlier this year because of illness (see earlier blog posts) Don't care what my attempts come out like tomorrow - I shall be crafting! :o))

And here's another WooHoo - I finally remembered to phone the vet today to ask where we go with Ollie now. He finished his meds 2 weeks ago and he's running round like a 2 year old! Vet is really pleased as he didn't expect him to still be around. His advice is, if he's finished the meds and there's been no deterioration then to leave well alone. I told him that Ollie was making him out to be a fibber at the moment - OK, I said 'liar'! He said he hopes that he has got the diagnosis wrong but it is a case of 'time will tell'. At the moment we'll just accept that he's acting normal - lol!

It was ....

..... a bomb! An unexploded Second World War one. It was a 23lb artillery shell but was ruled safe to move. The cordon was lifted about 15 minutes before we passed on the way home but the university had been closed since around 11am. A small article in local rag. smaller still on the website - lol!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Meet .....

.... my Dad and his pal, Ollie.........
I took this photo a couple of days ago (before it got as hot as it now, hence the pullover - hottest day of the year today and likely to be 25c tomorrow, phew!) but hopefully I'll get a better one soon as this one isn't really in too sharp a focus. Thought I'd take the opportunity of updating my photo's of him as the last one was taken a couple of years ago and we're starting a new era now, with Mum gone. Ollie seems to still be going strong - so much so that I keep forgetting to ring the vet to find out where we go from here now that his medication has run out. Perhaps the vet got the diagnosis wrong and it was nothing more than a bug, even if he has got an enlarged stomach!

Anyway, I had the camera with me 'cos I had to photograph stuff to try and sell - electrical's that the charity shop won't take but that are just too good to dump. There's also a small wheelchair and a mobility scooter that the shop it was bought from won't take back :o(( Dad refuses to use it, or even try, which is probably not a bad thing 'cos he'd more than likely get lost nowadays if he went out of his street - bless! He used to hate Mum using it and worried all the while when she went out on it - not that that had happened for a while! A new wheelchair, that we had bought for Mum to use just this February, is going to come in handy for him though, as he has great difficulty walking so we've adjusted everything for his use. Just looking forward to being able to take him out to use it now. Trips to the Dogs Trust don't really hack it for wheelchair use as he only comes for the ride and doesn't get out of the car - lol!


I'll have to take look at the local newspaper tomorrow. Dad & I were on our way out to the Dogs Trust with yet another car load of stuff when we passed a couple of road closures not 3 miles from home - manned by police. One to North Falmer village and the other to Brighton University, Falmer Campus. As we passed a Bomb Disposal unit was arriving. On the way home, an hour later, we passed the same Bomb Disposal unit leaving and the roads were open. Have no idea what was going on but may have some light shed tomorrow! Have to say that this is exactly the place that the Brighton & Hove Albion football club will be having their new stadium built - if it actually ever gets off the ground - LOL!! Perhaps somebody had other ideas!!

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

......and now...........

Busy night tonight - like buses, you wait for ages and then 3 come along together - lol!!

The La Pashe, Remember When ........... website is now up and running , click on the logo and take a look to be impressed!

You wouldn't believe it!

Just a month ago today we were looking at this -

Today we're suffering a heatwave!
It's also an anniversary for me & hubby - it's 20 years since we moved into this property. One day we'll have it just the way we want it as well - lol!!

It's here!!

The sepia version of Series 1 is now available from