Saturday, 17 May 2008

Busy & Expensive

....but not for me! Well, the expensive wasn't but the busy was for me and eldest!

Dad's garden was getting rather overgrown so action was needed. The gardener that had been calling on Mum & Dad had given up ringing this year after being put off a few times (last time when Mum was hospitalised the first time) and I haven't been able to find any contact details for him. Found contact details for everyone else but the gardener? Nope! Anyway, yesterday we hired a petrol mower & eldest did the deed. Fortunately the weather, forecast to be diabolical, turned out to be ideal for gardening (overcast and cool) and he not only managed to get the grass cut but the hedges as well. The grass was so long that it couldn't be cut too short so needs another go over once it's standing up again - lol! To that end we went and bought a petrol mower and great-grandson is going to be the gardener from now on. At least, he'll be given the chance of doing a decent job else I'll be looking for a permanent professional - lol!

While eldest was gardening I was houseworking, Dad's cleaner having found another job and left him a couple of weeks ago, and we've not managed to find a replacement yet. I don't like houseworking but it made a change from sorting and clearing - lol!

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