Saturday, 18 July 2009

FREEBIE - Black Labrador 3D Pyramid Topper

My first pyramid 3D topper. Not sure I've done it right (as with the others) 'cos I'm playing ..... you are my guinea pigs *LOL*

It is 'off centre' deliberately because I wanted to bring the tongue and nose into relief as it's obviously the closest point of the dog. I have not made it up so I have no idea if it will work therefore, if anyone does make it up and has probs please let me know and conversely, if you do make it up and don't have any probs then I'd love a piccie of what you do for the slideshow on my sidebar ....

The dog is a beautiful female black lab named Bramble and she is the owner of Merv and Bernie - friends of ours. She has been trained as a gundog and has the most beautiful temperament. She is also not quite as manic as some labs I know - *LOL* Not sure who took this photo of her so I've credited both of her slaves (she's not at all spoilt - much!)

Please note:
These sheets are copyright to me and the photograph to Bramble's slaves, Merv & Bernie. You are free to use the sheets in any way you wish for personal use and you may sell anything you make using them but please, do not share them in any way whatsoever but link to my blog for others to download for themselves. Please do not claim them as your own or sell the sheets in any form.

Click on any image for full size version and either print or save to your PC for printing at a later date.



My'scardcorner said...

Hi Pam Had to make a few trips with that dam IE playing up but managed to save both sheets now, They are lovely TFS. Wish Id had the waterlily earlier as had to make a special card for a friend but will use it soon.Thanks and hope you are feeling better

Daisycat said...

Pam the free sheets are great, love the black lab decoupage. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Anonymous said...

Brill sheets just like my lab thanks for sharing

Lees Little Hideaway said...

Hi Pam.
Just wondering if you could tell me what a Pyramid Topper is?? Is it anything like the 3d sheets??
Thanks, Lee

PeeJay said...

Very like Lees Little Hideaway. Cut the rectangles on this sheet as they are and then stack them on top of one another, matching the edges of each smaller piece to the relevant part of the larger layer you're sticking it to. You attach each layer using 3D foam pads/dimensionals so there's a pile looking, effectively, like a pyramid as you're going from large to small. How many layers is up to you as you don't need to use all of them .. you can miss some out. This one's 6 layers but you could make it a 3 by using alternate layers. Hope that all makes some sense to you.