Monday, 22 September 2014

Nothing of ...

... much interest has happened this week.  I've made a start on decluttering and reorganising the kitchen but it's not going to be done overnight.  I've ordered some new fittings for cupboards to make them more 'user friendly' - lol!  May be a few days before they're all together but in the meantime I'll continue to work on the areas that aren't being 'upgraded'.

OH should have had his 4 weekly Zoledronic Acid infusion on Friday but it never happened.  Transport never arrived so it's been rearranged for Wednesday.  Just hope those few days delay aren't to much of a problem as it's supposed to be given every 3 to 4 weeks and he's on a 4 weekly cycle.

It has been very hot!  Apparently it's the hottest September, so far, ever - well, since records began.  Thursday my car thermometer didn't get below 30c and, at one point, it reached 34c when I was moving!  We've had a better couple of weeks than we had in August - with the exception of the day I went to London.  Weather is really laughing at me and I'm not yet over it *sad*

Weight loss (have I mentioned I've lost a fair bit of weight since April???) - I seem to have reached a plateau.  So close to being in the normal range of BMI that body seems to have decided it just doesn't want to be 'normal' - ROFL!  It needs a kick to get going again but I'm at a loss as to what to do about it.  I'm not on a diet, just being more careful with what and how much I eat.  I don't think reducing the amount down any more is really on, or the answer, but what to do?  I'm not putting on so I guess that's something.  Maintaining is better than increasing.  Perhaps it'll start to decrease again soon.

I did have the fortnightly craft workshop run by Clair and we made a lovely card.  All Stampin' Up (I think) but we made our own embellishment using some WOW Melt It powder.  Certainly novel but don't think I can be bothered when a nice button would do the same job - lol!  May add some trails to the butterflies having looked at it again :)

The previous  workshops have also produced some great cards.  The following one was great fun - and messy :)  We made our own background on thick watercolour card.  Splodged (technical term) 2 or 3 inkpads onto a smooth service and misted with water until it started pooling then laid the card into it and swished it around a bit.  Then dried it and dabbed it back in again.  Repeated until happy with result.  Image stamped and embossed with white embossing powder.  A sheet of acetate cut to cover and matted onto the base card on dimensionals.  Insert was done to tone in with the remnants of the ink.  Love it!

This one - a great man's card.  Su's Lovely as a Tree stamp set and woodgrain embossing folder - all distressed and matted and layered.  Easy but very effective. First time I've done the reflection technique as well.  Impressed - lol!

It's been mentioned, in passing recently, that Jackie and I went to Sorrento, Italy in April 2013.  We did the usual touristy stuff and visited Herculaneum and Pompeii, did the Amalfi Drive and popped over to Capri, don't you know - lol!  Between us we took a lot of photos.  Not long after we got back I started the now obligatory photobook but it ground to a halt after a very short space of time.  I created a lot of photobooks last year and my mojo went on holiday and work on the Italian book ground to a halt until a few weeks ago when the mojo came back.  Photo book was finished and has been printed.  It was lovely reliving that holiday, especially as we've not had one this year (other than our group crafty week away).

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Clair Matthews said...

Yay, i'm so glad you've updated the blog! i really do enjoy reading your posts (I wish the other ladies would update more!!!lol). Your photo book was FABULOUS & has really got me thinking about doing mine that way.

See you soon! xxx

Cally said...

Photo book is far better in real life :-).