Friday, 27 January 2017

... and a Happy New Year!

OK, I know, it's late!  February next week.  Had a lot going on and no 'ooomph' to write blog posts.

December and Greta's playday.  As expected, not a lot of crafting got done although a good trial of 2 stamping tools took place - MISTI and the WRMK Precision Press.  I'd bought both.  A whole day of stamping this and that by me and some of the others and I decided I preferred the WRMK Precision Press.  Came home and sold the MISTI +extras.  Long story short (and a case of good karma in my direction as it turned out) and I ended up getting over £70 for it, nett.  Very happy bunny as I'd had to put up with some really nasty moron (as it turned out) through the transaction so I guess it became compo as well.

Christmas came and went and then it was back to normal with hospital appointments etc for the OH.  He had a 'blip' which could have been a kidney infection but wasn't.  Oncologist appointment meant we had a convo we'd rather not have had.  Told we may be optimistic in having our booked holiday in September.  Also told to keep a close relationship with the hospice.   Day after - everything back to normal!  Now we're not sure what's likely to happen. The OH is to have a CT scan before he sees oncologist again and the nurse specialist he saw this week had been asked to assess him for pain and overall well-being.  Fortunately he's doing well again so hoping things will continue as they are at the mo. She will be reporting back positively.  Seems chemo may not be an option at all so we may have exhausted all available treatment if what he's on now is stopped.  We're hoping to have a different, more positive, convo with the oncologist next month.  We know that 'that' convo will probably happen at some point though.  We're not ready for it yet!

Youngest found a flat and moved out.  So much better for him.  More space and it means the youngsters also have more space to stay over with him.  So pleased to see him happy in his new home.   It's a work in progress, getting things together, but slowly, slowly.  It's a long time since any of us have had to start from scratch.  We've managed to loan him some bits to tide him over.

I broke my laptop *sad*  I now have a perfectly OK laptop that I can't use because ..... I cleaned the screen!  OK, I didn't clean the screen properly.  I squirted cleaner directly onto it instead of onto a cloth.  Didn't catch the runs quick enough and the liquid got into the connections.  After a while screen started going odd and turning white.  Logging of and signing in again brought it back for a while but it kept doing it until it opened up on the white screen *oops!*  Techy hubby of a friend took it to look at and told me he thought the screen driver had blown - kaput!  Fortunately hard drive was fine and all info still on it so that's been put in a case as an external and the OH has given me a new/old laptop he had (barely used).  Driving me up the wall though 'cos I can't get it to 'wake up' from sleep with the keyboard or mouse.  Tried everything I've found on Google to put that right (seems a fairly common problem with W10) but nothing's worked so far.  I may just treat myself to a brand new, all singing and dancing, one ..... we'll see

I've finished the photo book for our October holiday *YAY!*  As normal I left it pretty much to the last minute.  Bought a credit in November, with 3 months to complete it in.  A month left and I'd not started.  Panic - I know it can take me 4 or 5 weeks to put a book together.  Cheat!   I used an older book I'd done for the layouts/guidance.  A few tweaks here and there as I added the photos - job done - but not before I'd deleted all the photos in the album by mistake and had to upload them all again and restart!  Wish I could embed the online copy like I used to be able to but seems Blogger still won't allow it.  Link instead .......

Had the first (for me) card workshop of the year this week.  Good to be back.  I've not photographed the cards yet ... new format to workshops with Clair.  2 tutors, 2 cards.  Excellent!

... and that's pretty much the rest of December - and most of January - in a nutshell!  Just got to sort out photos *grin*

Thanks for dropping by .....

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