Sunday, 27 September 2009

FREEBIE - Waterlily hexagonal pyramid

Another waterlily - and it is a different photo to the last one! We've been having such lovely weather this past week (with the exception of one day but more about that on Ramblings!) that another lily appeared on the pond and reminded me that I'd made this sheet a while back but not posted it. I still have no idea how the sizes work in practise. The topper, the borders, the greetings ..... I need somebody who's used 'em ('cos I haven't, or printed them) to let me know if I need to make any adjustments .... pleeease!

Please note:
These sheets and original photograph are both copyright to me. You are free to use the sheets in any way you wish for personal use and you may sell anything you make using them but please, do not share them in any way whatsoever but link to my blog for others to download for themselves. Please do not claim them as your own or sell the sheets in any form.

Click on any image for full size version and either print or save to your PC for printing at a later date.



Anne said...

Pam What lovely image I like the textured flowers, have not tried them yet, but have saved for later. Thank-you

Joanie said...

A really lovely sheet Pam, thank you for sharing
Joanie xxxx

Lorraine said...

Hi Pam, your site is wonderful, you are one very good crafty lady. Thank you for the freebies have downloaded waterlilly, beautiful coulours,
thank you

Linny said...

Thank you Pam for such beautiful sheets. I will let you see what I make.Linda