Monday, 3 April 2017

Oyster Stamps Heartfelt Creations ...

... workshop, West Wittering.  Really looked forward to this one.  Thought it was going to be worth the 90 mile round trip. It turned out to be quite disappointing. We spent more time sitting waiting, chatting, eating, drinking or queuing to use machines, than actually crafting.  We were supposed to make 2 cards.  Sample cards were beautiful.  In reality we didn't make a card at all. 

The black and white card had to be stamped and the apertures cut after the stamping had been done and that's where the first main wait was.  The stamp was already lined up on a Misti so we literally had to stamp and then go cut.  After that it was a case of adding some glitter and matting and layering up onto the backing card given - but no card blank so no complete card was made.  Total time it would have taken to make this card without any waiting time?  Around ½ an hour as a guesstimate, certainly no more than an hour.  That part done it was nearly lunch time - or rather, we had a long wait to start the next card so some of us had our lunch. *grin*
The floral topper was more complicated.  We had to actually colour, shape and construct the flowers so a reasonable amount of crafting was needed.  Everything was cut for us, including the die cut border but we had to trim the card to position the borders to our liking.  We chose our own sentiment stamp from a selection.  Again, we were given everything to matt and layer onto with the exception of the actual base card so we were actually just making a topper.  Flowers and leaves coloured, made, glittered ready to put together and that's as far as mine got.  Our toppers were not going to look much like the sample card.  No flourish was given and neither was the silver border backing that the sample card had.  We were only given one bow so no contrast colour (I lightly inked the edges of mine but it's not obvious).  I will finish both cards , eventually, once I've found some card or card blanks to do so ... and some time to do them in.
Me & Cally on the right, working on the morning black & white topper
This workshop should have run from 10:30 to 3/3:30-ish.  It started on time, we spent time as mentioned previously.  We spent time browsing the shop.  We (me & Cally) finished before 3 but that's because we chose not to finish our toppers there however, others did and still finished with time to spare.   Both toppers could have been made in a morning or afternoon workshop.  Would we do another with Oyster?  What do you think? *ROFL!*

UPDATE:  Eventually finished and here's my versions with what we were given .... plus my own card blanks, ribbon and gems.  Think I should've found a swirl or something for the floral one, as well, but they are what they are!

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