Thursday, 26 June 2008

All packed ...

... and ready for an early off tomorrow morning! Probably won't be logging in at all in the morning so this will be my last post for a few days. There is no itinery for the weekend so I've arranged my massage and facial and really looking forward to it. Not cheap and nephew can't get staff rates 'cos there ain't none for the Spa :o(( I didn't actually expect a discount anyway so I can't say that I'm disappointed because I'm not. How can you be disappointed in not getting something you weren't expecting anyway - LOL!! It seems as though we have a caravan, with verandah, overlooking the bay so we may be able to sit, wine in hand, watching the dolphins play. I do hope so. Just need some reasonable weather and it will be just what the doctor ordered - lol!

Managed to get a really good photo of our resident wildlife today - of the feathered variety. The babies are really growing fast now and exercising their wings but this was of Mum (or Dad) who has taken to popping down to a small feeder, we keep full of water, on our patio/terrace.

Whenever I've tried to get a photo before they've flown away. This time they chuntered but I got several photo's using wide-angle and zoom. Here's a couple - one to show how close they are to the house and the other on zoom to get more detail of the bird ......

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I finished it ...

... the ironing that is - and I finished it yesterday as planned - lol!! Strange what you think about and notice when you're engrossed in something so stimulating (??!!??) but ...............

I was ironing one of hubby's T shirts and looking at the logo when I realised just how old this shirt was. 12, yes that's TWELVE, years old this year! How do I know? 'Cos it's one of the T shirts he was given in 1996, the year he took part in the Paralympics. The Olympics and Paralympics were held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA that year and he had his sport's (Air Target Shooting) Forward Training Camp in Pensacola, Florida - and that's where the shirt was for. Here's a piccie of the logo on the shirt. I can't believe that this shirt is still in use - and barely showing any wear - some 12 years later!! Mind you, I can't believe I'm photographing it either - lol!!

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Just added ...

... a map of my home area to the side bar with a few places of interest - to me, if not to anyone else - lol!! Wonder how many more will spring up now, hehe!!

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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

I've been tagged ...

... by Jak (thanks pal - lol!). Not sure how this tagging lark works 'cos I only found out I'd been tagged by visiting Jak's blog. Do you hope people pick it up when they visit your site or do you have to contact them and if so - how??? Never mind, here's mine anyway and I hope that those I'm tagging pick it up by visiting me - lol!

TEN YEARS AGO........ It's around this time that I had to reduce my working hours from full-time to part-time due to family circumstances. I was working in finance. Always had done, except for 4 years when I was a motor underwriter (well, being in the insurance industry, albeit on the finance side, thought I'd give it a go - lol!) . We were also preparing for youngest son's wedding at The Royal Pavilion in Brighton and also Mum & Dad's Golden Wedding in the October. There was a lot going on 10 years ago - lol!

1. Well, the first one has just been cancelled ........... again! That was a visit to the dentist but she's ill and this is the 5th time they've cancelled the appointment but they've finally got another dentist joining the practice so I'm now booked with that one - for July!! I'm doing this tag instead - lol!
2. Morning visit with Dad to take his daily papers & vacuum his stairs.
3. Do more ironing - started yesterday, hope to finish today. Haven't done any ironing (well, not mine anyway) since Mum died so there's loads of it!
4. Afternoon visit with Dad - cook his dinner.
5. Draw up Dad's care instructions for while I'm away so those taking over know what needs to be done .

Difficult, this one, as I don't really 'snack'. I rarely eat between meals and I don't keep things like biscuits, crisps, sweets etc indoors. Don't usually buy them as we're not huge fans of them. I'm going to pass on this one 'cos I really can't think of anything other than fruit - mainly bananas - but even those we eat as a sweet after dinner and not as a snack. Oh, just thought - a cream cake, with Dad, on the day I do the shopping!

Make sure that the family were taken care of. Not sure after that but I'd like to travel a bit.

Brighton area always and - apart from 6 years in my life (first 3 years of my life and first 3 years of married life) - always in the village of Woodingdean, on the outskirts of Brighton. Just moved streets (last move was 20 years ago in May!)

The people I am going to tag in return are:-
Jackie (no rush Jackie, just get it done NOW - before you go away - lol!)

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Monday, 23 June 2008

Zippedy Doo Dah!!

What a wonderful day - lol!!

Old bit of carpet up. New bit of carpet (all 6 foot x 3 foot of it!!) laid. Final run to the tip from Dad's place done. Place vacuumed & dusted (maintenance cleaning). I've FINISHED, totally, at Dad's. Just normal day to day house running & feeding type stuff now. Will make list of minor jobs to be done which will probably involve a few phone calls, but that's all. I feel as though I've done a huge journey. I've lost 3/4 of a stone in weight and that's without being on a diet. Just as well really, 'cos I don't do diets - lol! Just goes to show it's more about exercise than anything else 'cos I reckon I've actually been eating more! Mind you, I haven't cooked one proper meal since Mum died. The nearest I've got to cooking is shoving a ready meal in the microwave but ........................ I have this brilliant hubby who loves cooking and, he took over the kitchen so I've had some wonderful meals. He plays, making it up as he goes along, so I'm never too sure what I'm going to be eating (I don't think he's always sure either) but I've not had a duff meal yet - lol!.

Had hair cut and brows plucked this afternoon so at least I shall be tidy for my weekend away at Devon Cliffs, near Exmouth. Replacements organised to look after Dad while I'm gone and I've found a couple of books, in case I get a chance for a read but - reckon I may just give the on-site spa a go if little (?) bro & s-i-l don't have an itinerary planned for the weekend. Fancy a bit of pampering right now! Looking forward to seeing my eldest nephew at work as well. I've never seen him performing so it should be interesting - he's dance captain of the entertainment team (& Rory the Tiger - aaahhhh!).

Jobs for this week - well, job really! To tackle the 6 foot pile of ironing that's built up over the past couple of months - 'cos I need some clothes to take away with me!!

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What kind of?

I've just done one of those silly 'for fun' things and here's the result! Only those that know me best will know if this is true but I reckon it's pretty much me and have to say it rather surprised me!

I am an Apple - apparently!

You are strong, powerful, and even a bit stubborn at times.

You have enough strength to help those around you in trouble.

You are adventurous and charming. Many people are drawn to you.

You love life, and you enjoy traveling the world. You enjoy fine food, art, and culture.

People have accused you of being a snob, but that's not accurate.

You do enjoy the best things in life. Unlike snobs, you truly appreciate quality... not just pretend to.

I guess I'm strong but powerful? Probably not but I can definitely be stubborn - lol! I'm not really sure about the 'adventurous and charming' bit - hehe!! I do love travel but don't get much chance these days and I have definitely been accused of being a snob, when I'm certainly not. Choosy/picky, maybe but deffo not a snob - lol!! That's been since my school days. Then, because I was the only one in the street that went to a grammar school and since, because I'm quite reserved (yes, really!!) until I get to know people, although as I've got older that's not been so obvious...... Mmmm, appreciating quality. Is that what they call 'having expensive tastes'? - LOLOL!!

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Sunday, 22 June 2008

Friendship Bag

Not something I'd heard of before but I received one a couple of days ago from a friend on the imag-e-nation forum. It had me in tears and if you want to find out more about it, what it contained etc then take a trip over to my Ramblings blog and read all about it. It's something I shall remember for a long time ....


Whoopy doo!!

I've finished!! Well, just got to change the bit of carpet but that'll be done tomorrow morning. The deep cleaning is finished though and to say it's been hard work is a bit of an understatement - lol! I'm now going to make a snagging list of the bits that have to be sorted out but it doesn't involve 'hard' work as such. I can now start to relax ready for my weekend away but, more importantly, I can take my time getting ready. (Having hair and brows done tomorrow afternoon - hehe!) It's not going to all be left 'til the last minute as I was expecting it to be.

I can also start to plan the onslaught that I want to make on my own home! It has been badly neglected, since Christmas really, so now it's time to deal with that and then .................. dare I say it? .................. my CRAFT ROOM!!! I'm sooooo hoping that nothing now comes along to stop that finally happening as it has done over the past couple of years. I'm fed up of it being a 'work in progress' - lol!! We have a landscaper coming in on 8th July so our back garden will finally be finished by the end of July and then I can look to planting it up. Our garden is just another thing that's been done over a number of years, as and when finances have allowed, after it became a builders yard when we had a large extension, car hardstanding and access ramps built a few years ago. The lounge needs a decorator - badly! We'd planned for that to happen last year but, as with other things, it just didn't happen. Not sure it will this year but if not it will definitely be top priority for next year. It won't just involve decorating but re-carpeting and a new suite. Apart from the staircase I've usually done the decorating myself but I just can't face it now. Much rather pay to have it done but, well ...... we'll see - lol!

Oh yes ............ and I've changed the date of my balloon flight. Instead of the 16th July I've brought it forward to the 9th - all dependant on the weather, of course - LOL!!

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Piccies ...

... of Kim's Friendship Bag and card! Touched base long enough to take them today so here they are - with the missing candle. Yes, my personal Bermuda Triangle gave it up. It actually came out of the bag with all the other stuff but I certainly didn't put it in there 'cos it was definitely missing! Twilight zone, or what - eh??

Here's the bag (click on images to enlarge) ...

... and here are the contents. Each one of these were individually wrapped in a (largish) piece of paper which had the appropriate sentiment on. (see here)

This is the card and beautiful it is too. I've discovered ('cos I've just got to have it) that it's the Hero Arts Dandelion SB/G4917.

It's available from the Glitterpot, amongst other places so guess what I'm going to buying next time I'm there - lol!! I just love the way that Kim has highlighted areas of it with irridescent glitter and, what doesn't show in the photo's .... it's stamped in a lovely pearlescent ink so I'm guessing it's Brilliance. Beautiful and this stamp has soooo many possiblities - a true 'jack of all trades' - lol!

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Saturday, 21 June 2008

I'm ....

... pooped!! Still, one more day should see me finished with Dad's house then it's just the 'snagging'. Clearing up the last bits on the finance side (which I thought were all sorted and finalised but others seem to have different ideas), sorting out a cleaner and arranging emergency cover! Took a trip to the tip today but the queue was soooooooo long I didn't bother waiting so will go back on Monday, when it's quieter. I want to wind down a bit this coming week as I've my weekend away to look forward to and I'd like to be reasonably chilled before I set off for it. I've the dreaded ironing to do but needs must so will have to put some time to one side to deal with that.

I'd intended photographing my gift and card from Kim today but I've barely touched base all day. By the time I had, the light wasn't good and I won't photograph crafty stuff in artificial light. I seem to have mislaid one bit of the gift though. It rolled onto the floor and now I can't find it (thought the Bermuda Triangle was near Bermuda, not on the South Coast of England near Brighton - lol!). It's the candle and it is a pretty pink and white swirly one so, when I do get round to photographing it all it may still be missing, unless my personal Bermuda Triangle gives it up!!

Think I'm going to have an early night tonight and may try to make tomorrow my last day dealing with Dad's house ....... depends if I feel up to a bit of carpet laying or not!

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Friday, 20 June 2008

I've received ...

... a brilliant, and touching, gift from one of my imag-e-nationer friends. I had no idea what it was, what it was called and neither did I have any idea who it was from. I didn't find the card until I'd opened the gift and gone through it. It was a really pretty homemade bag which was filled with lots of little gifts, each having a little sentiment. I have to say, it had me in tears by the time I opened the 4th item. My friend had picked up that I'm not having a very good time, personally, at the moment and she sent it to cheer me up. It certainly did that, even if it did make me cry - lol! I was so, so touched that somebody had taken that much thought for ME!!

It was a 'Friendship Bag' and it contained -
  • Rubber (cute rabbit head eraser) - to erase all the bad and unhappy memories
  • Thread - friendship ties us together
  • Candle (little birthday cake candle) - there is a light at the end of the tunnel
  • Marble - to keep you rolling along
  • Rubberband - to keep you flexible and bouncing back
  • Bubbles (tiny champagne bottle bubbles) - to pop all negative thoughts and for sheer fun
  • Happy face (sucky, popup, bouncy one) - smiling is contagious
  • Puzzle piece (there's now a puzzle that has a piece missing somewhere!) - you are an important piece of people's lives
  • Cotton wool balls (3 of) - to cushion any rough roads
  • Starburst (a tube of) - to give you a burst of energy on days you don't have any
  • Clip (blue heart shaped) - to help hold things together
  • Sticky tape (miniature roll on dispenser) - to tape your lips when you have nothing good to say (she knows me better than I thought - lol!)
  • Chewing gum (one stick of) - a reminder that friends stick
  • Plaster (one elastoplast type) - to heal hurt feelings
  • Tissue - to wipe away the tears
  • Toothpick - to pick out the good qualities in everyone, including yourself and ... the little packet that said, on the outside
  • Open Last and on the inside ......... and if all else fails - chocolate!! (a bar of Dairy Milk)

  • It must have taken an age to do the sentiments, wrap & tape each little gift individually, make the bag and the beautiful card so a huge, huge thank you to KIM(bo) for taking the time, the trouble and the thought but, most of all thank you for being so caring and for being you!

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    Thursday, 19 June 2008

    Re-booked ...

    ... my cancelled balloon flight. Hopefully it will now be 16th July. Keeping fingers crossed that the weather will play ball this time. It's been another lovely day today but it's still been windy. Our roof babies are getting more energetic now and are becoming more visible over the ridge of the roof and they're growing fast - lol!! Sounds as though all 5 (parents & babies) are wearing hobnail boots when you go into the dormer room.

    I'm getting itchy fingers. I want to do some more crafting and get another tutorial together but I'm so close to finishing at Dad's completely, then I can get my place sorted out, get organised and get on with living my life (fitting in days out for Dad) and finally getting my craft room up and running ...... how many times over the last couple of years have I thought that though - lolol!

    I've refused to sort Dad's shed out as well. I will have done the whole house, top to bottom, cleared, sorted, cleaned - deep cleaned, that is - and most of it on my own. Not that I've minded that as sons have helped when needed but I reckon my elusive brother could find some time to do the shed. Other than the week Mum died, he's visited once to specifically see Dad. I will be seeing him next week as I've got my weekend away with him & sister-in-law so perhaps a few select words may be in order. I'm hoping this weekend away will be the break between finishing Dad's and starting mine. I still need to try and find a cleaner to come in a couple of hours a week for him. I also need to sort out something like Carelink 'cos he can't use the phone - he's forgotten how to use one, bless, apart from the fact that he can't hear! There's some last things to sort out on the financial side as well. Thought everything there was fine but a couple of things have raised their heads over the last week - just when I thought it was all finalised. He's entitled to a widowers pension from Mum's occupational one so taxman now wants answers to silly questions - like have you deferred your State Pension, when do you intend to claim it? Errrrrrrrrrm, he's 86, retired 21 years ago and has been getting his State Pension since 1987????? Strangely, he does have a tax code - lol!! Housing benefit isn't talking to the Council's rent office so seems his rent isn't being paid either, despite the fact he's had all the paperwork stating he's nothing to pay. Council reckon a file's gone missing - derrr!! Just realised, as well, I've not told Dad's story that he told me of when he went (to) Doolally ............. another day!

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    Wednesday, 18 June 2008

    It is ...

    ... 'Oh no!' and I'm sitting here at home instead of taking my balloon flight. Still, not too disappointed as it is a bit windy and, I have to say, it would probably have been pretty hairy up there. I'd rather it was the end of a hot, summer's day on a lovely balmy evening, floating over the countryside so I'll just rebook and hope that's what I get next time - lol! Possibly wasn't in the best frame of mind for it either today, as things have turned out, so reckon that old thing called 'fate' has stepped in. When the time is right - for me - 'fate' will be there to dictate, as usual - lol!

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    Tuesday, 17 June 2008

    Booked ...

    ... another class at the Glitterpot. This time it's for August and I'm going to be 'Cuttlebugging for Kids' with my 11 year old grand-daughter. Guess who'll be after using mine when she's done - lol!!

    Think it might be 'oh no' tomorrow though. Tomorrow should be my balloon flight but, looking at the weather forecast - strong winds and rain - I don't think it'll be happening somehow. Still, I won't know for sure until tomorrow afternoon so nothing's definite yet. Should have booked for last week - lol! Weather was perfecto - steamy, hot day, with a beautiful, warm, balmy evening .... my ideal. Still, we'll wait and see. Camera batteries are fully charged, just in case .............

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    TUTORIAL - Create a Template in Word - For Inserts & Card Fronts

    The following tutorial is instruction on how to create a basic template in Word which can be used to add anything you choose, to personalise your card. You can use the template for inserts or to print on the outside of your cards for a more professional finish. The instructions are given for a basic A6 card but they can be adapted for any sized card just by changing the measurements used. These instructions have previously been freely available on the imag-e-nation site (courtesy of moi - lol!) but they seem to have disappeared in the mists of time so, as I now have this blog up and running, I thought I'd reproduce them here. This is just a basic Word template. What you add to it is entirely up to you.

    TUTORIAL (Click on any image to enlarge)
    1. Preparing the base for your template
    ~ From the ‘File’ menu select ‘New’ and open a blank document.
    ~ From the ‘File’ menu select ‘Page Setup’. A box should open up similar to this…

    ~ Click on the ‘Paper size’ or ‘Paper’ tab and set the paper size to A5 and Orientation to ‘Landscape’. Depending on the version of ‘Word’ you are using the ‘Landscape’ orientation may under the ‘Margins’ tab. Click OK.
    ~ You should now have a screen showing a blank page of A5 in landscape format

    ~ Once again go to ‘Page Setup’ from the ‘File’ menu
    ~ Click on the ‘Margins’ tab and set the margins as 1cm for top and bottom and 1.17cm for left and right. Click on OK.

    NB: You may, at this stage, or later, get a message telling you that one or more of the margins are set outside of the print area and you will be requested to either ‘fix’ or ‘ignore’ – choose ‘ignore’.<

    This allows for the insert to be trimmed with fancy edge cutters/trimmers/scissors because you will usually find that a true A5 piece of paper, once printed and folded and placed inside the card, is actually a little too large and would benefit from a ‘light’ trim!!

    You have now completed the first step and have the base to create your template.

    2. Creating your template
    ~ The next stage is to create a ‘Table’. To do this go the ‘Table’ on the menu bar, select ‘Insert’ and ‘Table’ from the drop down menu. You should get a box similar to this ...

    ~ Change the ‘Number of columns’ to 3 and the ‘Number of rows’ to 1 (left). If you want to you can check ‘Set as default for new tables’. Useful if you intend making several different sizes of template and don’t use this facility for anything else. Click OK

    ~ You should now have a screen looking something like this the screen shot below … which is the table you now need to work on.

    ~ Put your cursor into the first section of the table and either select ‘Table Properties’ from the ‘Table’ menu or right-click and select ‘Table Properties’ from the menu that appears. You should get a box like this ...

    ~ Click on the ‘Table’ tab and check the ‘Preferred width’ box. Enter the value of 18.66cms

    ~ Click on ‘Column’ and change the width to 8.33cms. Click ‘Next column’ and change that to 2cms. Click ‘Next Column’ again and change that to 8.33cms to match the first column. Click OK.

    ~ Your page should now look like this.

    ~ Now go back to ‘Table Properties’ and click on ‘Row’. Check ‘Specify height’ and make it 12cm with ‘Row height’ set to ‘At least’. Make sure that nothing else is checked. Click on OK

    ~ Your template (yes, nearly there!!) should now look something like the screenshot below ...

    ~ The table may look ‘off centre’. If this is the case, highlight the table and click the ‘centre’ button on the toolbar

    You have now completed the second step and have the basic template.

    3. To position the Text & Remove border lines
    ~ Now all you need to do is to tell each cell where you want to place any typing you do.
    · The middle cell is the middle of the card and is the area you use to stick down – you don’t need to do anything more with this bit.
    · The left hand side I sometimes use to add a bit of clip art or writing and I generally have this side centred.
    · The right hand side is where you put your verse. I have this set to position from the top and then use the ‘return’ key to position it until I am happy. I prefer my verse/text to be slightly high of centre so that it looks balanced, but that is all down to personal preference.

    ~ To position the text, click in the cell you want to format and then you can either select ‘Table Properties’ the ‘Cell’ tab and click on your preference for top, centre or bottom and click OK or…………… you can right-click over the cell, select ‘Cell Alignment’ and then make your choice from the little box that shows to the side.
    Your cursor should now blink in the position that you have selected.

    ~ So that the lines showing on your screen don’t print (unless you want them to) go to ‘Format’ and select ‘Borders and Shading’ from the drop down menu. On the ‘Borders’ tab, select ‘None’ click OK.

    Your page will now either have very light grid lines or will be completely blank. Either way your cursor will blink in one of the cells and you can move it from one cell to another by clicking with the mouse or using the tab key. If your page is blank and would prefer to see lines as a guide but don’t want them to print, go to the ‘Table’ menu and select ‘Show gridlines’. These show on screen but will not print!!

    You now have your completed insert document.

    The only thing left to do is to save it as………… a template!

    4. To save your document as a Template
    ~ From the ‘File’ menu select ‘Save as’. A ‘Save As’ box will come up. Decide what you want to call the template and type this in ‘File name’ then select ‘Document Template’ from the selection offered in the ‘Save as type:’ box. Click on ‘Save’

    If you would like your templates to be on a seperate tab in the template area all you need to do is open and name a new folder once you have the 'Save As' box open and before you name and save your template as above.
    You have now completed your template!!

    To access the template for use all you need to do is to open it from the ‘File’ menu, select ‘New’ and then select your template from the choice presented to you under the general tab – make sure you select it to create a new document unless you want to use it to create a new template – in which case, select it as a template!!

    You can do general inserts and save them as documents (or even a template!) so that you don’t have to type it out again (i.e. Plain ‘Happy Birthday’)

    Once you have created this template you can go on to create more for different card sizes by just changing the measurements. You may find it helpful to have a card to measure and some scrap paper (well I find I need scrap paper!!) to work out the different measurements needed for the cells.

    When you have added your text and request a print, you may get a message telling you that one or more of the margins are set outside of the print area and asking whether you wish to continue – select ‘Yes’. This could apply to any of the completed templates included in these files – always ‘ignore’ or ‘continue’.

    Want to find a verse to put on that insert? Here's a site that has a plethora of verses to cover all occasions and they're all free! Pop over the Verses for Cards - you'll be spoilt for choice!

    Hope you find this useful ....


    Smile ...

    ... please - lol!! My little 2 year old grand-daughter, yesterday. She's quite a little character and suffers badly from verbal diahorrea - hehe!!

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    Monday, 16 June 2008

    That's more like ....

    ... it! I've had the last 7 days figures from Picturetrail and I'm even more convinced that the numbers I got last week were for the last several months, not 7 days. This time my 'business' one had 544 hits and the 'gallery' one had 9,231. I have to say I'm dead chuffed at that last one as it's a lot of hits in 7 days. Those figures are definitely more realistic than the 1000's reported last time though - lol!

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    La Pashe, Remember when ...

    ...Series 2 is released today. Check the DT's blogs and the website for more detail.

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    Sunday, 15 June 2008

    Nestabilities and the Cuttlebug

    I found a great visual (stills) demo on how to use the Wizard Nestabilities - and of course it applies to all Wizard dies - in the Cuttlebug. Take a look at Gina K Designs here - brilliant!


    Got 'em all ...

    ... and they're growing fast. Lovely sunny day - well it was when I took the photos this morning and they were out for their morning constitutional - lol!! No mistaking now that there's 3 this year and likely to remain at 3 going by the size of them - lol!! Last year there were 2 for a very short period and one disappeared quite quickly. (click on image to enlarge)

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    Saturday, 14 June 2008


    I managed to get booked into some classes at the Glitterpot. Not until July but at least I'm not missing out this time. They're repeating the Floral Punch Craft Orchid class I couldn't get into but, this time I have - yay!! OK, so Mum won't be able to benefit from them but I'll do it - and make them - in her memory. On top of that Jane Gill is also doing another day - azaleas and camellia's - and ...... I got in on that one as well. I know that I've things to look forward to over the next couple of weeks but having something more in July is a bonus right now.

    I'm also going to arrange to spend some time with another 'imag-e-nation' friend. Reckon we could both do with a whinge day at the moment so we can cry on each other's shoulders - or not..LOL! There's 'stuff' going on at the moment that has put a real downer on things over the last couple of days and I so need to be busy to stop me thinking. If I stop .... well.

    I've managed to source some creamy white paper (thanks Jak - lol) which I thought I had but didn't, to have a go at making a flower which will be mine - all mine - LOL!! Keeping it secret at the moment, in case it doesn't work out but, no reason why it shouldn't. You have to see the amount of paper and card I have to believe it so it's hard to understand why I couldn't find the right colour amongst my stash but isn't it always the way? No matter how much you've got, you've never got the right colour :o((

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    It's definitely ....

    .... 3!! On my way home from Dad's this morning there were 2 little grey heads at the apex of the roof and one was sitting with Mum just about as far away as they could get from the other 2. Of course, I didn't have my camera with me and sod's law they will have moved if I go leaning on the lamp post again ....... (well, it's a telegraph pole really but who's looking - lol!) I will get a clear piccie of all of them at some time while they're still reasonably cute :o))

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