Thursday, 19 June 2008

Re-booked ...

... my cancelled balloon flight. Hopefully it will now be 16th July. Keeping fingers crossed that the weather will play ball this time. It's been another lovely day today but it's still been windy. Our roof babies are getting more energetic now and are becoming more visible over the ridge of the roof and they're growing fast - lol!! Sounds as though all 5 (parents & babies) are wearing hobnail boots when you go into the dormer room.

I'm getting itchy fingers. I want to do some more crafting and get another tutorial together but I'm so close to finishing at Dad's completely, then I can get my place sorted out, get organised and get on with living my life (fitting in days out for Dad) and finally getting my craft room up and running ...... how many times over the last couple of years have I thought that though - lolol!

I've refused to sort Dad's shed out as well. I will have done the whole house, top to bottom, cleared, sorted, cleaned - deep cleaned, that is - and most of it on my own. Not that I've minded that as sons have helped when needed but I reckon my elusive brother could find some time to do the shed. Other than the week Mum died, he's visited once to specifically see Dad. I will be seeing him next week as I've got my weekend away with him & sister-in-law so perhaps a few select words may be in order. I'm hoping this weekend away will be the break between finishing Dad's and starting mine. I still need to try and find a cleaner to come in a couple of hours a week for him. I also need to sort out something like Carelink 'cos he can't use the phone - he's forgotten how to use one, bless, apart from the fact that he can't hear! There's some last things to sort out on the financial side as well. Thought everything there was fine but a couple of things have raised their heads over the last week - just when I thought it was all finalised. He's entitled to a widowers pension from Mum's occupational one so taxman now wants answers to silly questions - like have you deferred your State Pension, when do you intend to claim it? Errrrrrrrrrm, he's 86, retired 21 years ago and has been getting his State Pension since 1987????? Strangely, he does have a tax code - lol!! Housing benefit isn't talking to the Council's rent office so seems his rent isn't being paid either, despite the fact he's had all the paperwork stating he's nothing to pay. Council reckon a file's gone missing - derrr!! Just realised, as well, I've not told Dad's story that he told me of when he went (to) Doolally ............. another day!

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