Wednesday, 16 September 2009

TUTORIAL - Insert template in Microsoft WORKS

Following the tutorial for the insert template in Word I've received requests for one in Microsoft Works. It's not a program I've ever used and assumed that the tutorial for Word could be adapted for Works. However, having received a request I thought that it would test my assumption to use the Word instructions to build a template in Works, charting the process and recording any differences as I found them so it would serve a dual purpose. As mentioned, I have never used Works before but found that the Word instructions did work once the equivilent tool was found. There are a few subtle differences but the basics are very much the same.

I built this tutorial in Microsoft Works Version 9.0 - Works Word Processor ... the only version I have access to .... any queries please either drop me an email or leave your question in the comments. The insert is sized for an A6 card (A5 folded in half). For different sizes change all the measurements used at each stage for the appropriate value.

Text is part of the image. Click on any image for a larger view.

That's your template made and ready for you to add pictures, clipart or wording of your choice in the normal way of Works and its table/template use. If you have any queries regarding use of the table/template there is comprehensive Help within Works. Click on Help from the Toobar, then Works Help. From the Contents menu select Create and Customise Tables and most queries you may have will be covered there. I will not be able to assist with adding content to the template as I've not tried to so I have no experience of using it in Works. I would assume that it very similar to Word ....


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