Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Rotten weather ...

... not quite thunder and lightening but definitely very breezy and heavy showers so, guess what's been cancelled today! Yep, balloon flight booking #19 so #20 has been booked. This time, change of tack and it's gonna be a morning one ... or not! *LOL* Just to rub it in my health & beauty therapist (yep, I know, far too late but what the heck!) told me she felt really lucky that hers went. When? 19th August 2009. How many times did she have to book? ONCE!! Yep, she booked and flew first time of trying ...... *gggrrrrrrrr*

Just heard from eldest grandson who had his driving test this morning and that wasn't successful either. Seems it was the examiner not being clear enough with instruction as he was failed for being in the wrong lane on a roundabout. He was told to take one exit and then, while on roundabout instruction was changed to a different one and he was failed for it! Reckon he's got a good case for appeal, especially as it wasn't marked down at the time but put on sheet at end of test and after he'd been told he'd failed. The lad reckons she wanted to fail him from the minute they got in car and had to have a 'back up' failure reason if no other showed itself .... He's not a happy bunny and can't say as I blame him!

I've had another couple of bad nights - just when I thought I'd settled that problem and was back on track with my sleeping. Oh well, seems I was wrong on that score but at least I've had a good spell of reasonable sleep.

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