Monday, 14 September 2009

Weekend's been ...

... and gone but where too? Don't seem to have stopped but guess I have somewhere over the past few days.

Dad's trip to the chiropodist turned into a circular tour due to road resurfacing on the coast road. When I saw the queue of traffic that had built up in the direction that we would have taken to get him back home I decided it would be better, even if not quicker, to take a detour through the countryside for the return trip. At least we would be moving rather than being stuck in a traffic queue for however long. Not sure he knew where we were most of the time but he enjoyed the trip and asked if we could 'do something like it again' at some point. As that was partly the point of him moving - so I could do things with him more - I don't have a problem with that at all and now that he's really starting to settle in with a routine forming we can all work round it.

Took a photo of the Palace Pier on way home (Dad lives just a couple of streets away from it now). Not sure it's that good a picture so may need to try again at some point. It's actually a photo of both piers with a view through to Worthing but it looks as though the ruin of the West Pier is attached to the Palace Pier ... sorry, Brighton Pier (it'll always be the Palace Pier to Brightonians).

Saturday and Sunday have really been proper 'family time' as I've spent a lot of it with the littlies celebrating tiniest littlie's 1st birthday and part of it with eldest son and his girlfriend.

Couldn't resist taking a piccie of our eldest grandchild (18 next month) with the youngest (just 1!) when eldest took youngest to play in the sand. Didn't realise quite how well this one had come out as it was taken from some distance .... I love it! Very little and large - *LOL*

Lovely weekend and all pretty ordinary which, considering the past 18 months or so, is good in my book! Just need to get the hip/leg problem more manageable - although that seems to be happening so perhaps it is going to get better. Pity I can't do anything more to help the breathing but guess you can't have everything - *LOL*

Thanks for dropping by .....

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Greta said...

Wonderful pic of the boys Pam. Pleased you had a good weekend x