Thursday, 3 November 2011

Still not blogging ...

... and it's not good.  Been busy - and stressed - though and, when not busy or stressed, felt so drained I've had no energy to blog.  I know it doesn't take much energy to blog but that's how I've felt.  I've still been sorting photos from Cyprus though and I've also had to think about a Christmas pressie for my long time American penpal.  I usually only send her a calendar from our area but she loves them, especially as I get calendars showing the area as it is now and in times gone past.  She's an historian so anything historical is of interest to her.  Strangely, she's an American and an American historian, with no PC!  

Anyways, last year I had probs finding the next calendar in the series as the newsagent I bought them from had changed ownership.  This year I decided to do something different.  I was going to compile a calendar using my own photos of me and my family and happenings from each month of the year.  I then found something even better (well, I think it is) .... a Birthday Calendar!  It's never-ending.  Just the months and numbers but no days added so she can display it for as long as she wishes to, year after year after year.  There was a choice of how many photos (1,2 or 4) to put on each month (and the cover) so apart from the cover I chose the largest number of photos on each month.  Those for November and December are taken from last year. 

There is also an option to add people's birthdays but, as I don't know any of her family's birthdays I could only add hers and mine.  I'm now thinking of making one for myself .... would be soooooooooo useful!

Bonus is, the company have sent me an online version I can share, in book form so ..... here's what I've done in all it's glory.  Just picture it spiral bound at the top with a hangy thingy!  I hope she likes it.

Thanks for dropping by .....