Friday, 20 November 2009

Take my hand ...

... and lead me! Why don't men use their eyes or think beyond what they see in front of them?

I've just had to come to hubby's rescue .... again! He's not at all technically minded where the PC is concerned. He's been trying to print something for the past half hour. I've heard him struggling, cussing and cursing. The pain of it, for me, got too much to bear and once the cussing and cursing started to get louder I thought I'd try to find out what the problem was.

Him: "I'm trying to print an email but the stupid printer isn't working!"
Me: "Are you sure it's actually installed?" (He's recently had the PC cleared and Windows 7 installed)
Him: "Yes, look, it's all there ....." (Shows me files on the Program menu)
Me: "Yes, but they're only files. Where is the printer?"
Him: "It's there ...."
Taking the mouse from him I open the Printer folder and .... no printer!
Me: "Helps if you install the printer to have it work" Gave him the printer disc and left him to install it!

I wouldn't mind too much but it's not the first time recently that he's blamed the PC for not working properly, only for me to find that it's been something he's done or not done. I know he's 70 in 3 months time but he's been using a blooming PC for years so you'd have thought he would have gained a bit more knowledge by now - or at least have a less blinkered view on why things might not be working as they 'should' .... *doh*

In a similar vein ... I'm fast coming to the conclusion - nope, I came to it a while ago but it keeps being confirmed - that there's some that definitely think it's easier to use somebody else's brain than to tax their own too much *LOL* Mind you, can't say that that's just men. I've worked with a good few people, male and female, who've not thought to use their own brain to work things out for themselves (or been too lazy to try) but would rather call on somebody else's as the first port of call. I don't have a problem helping anybody ... as long as they're seen to help themselves as well.

There's not much people can't find out for themselves anymore. Not with that mega resource - the Internet and Mr Google! There's now a new-ish man on the block as well and I'm finding him as good, if not better in some ways, to Mr Google. His name? Mr Bing! (click here to find him) and I'm loving him - *LOL* Anyways peoples ... if you've got a query/problem whatever, ask the question of Messrs Google and/or Bing and soak up the information they give you. You might not get the answers you're looking for (unlikely) but you'll learn a lot on the path and you'll be taken down many different avenues. You'll likely end up being a mine of useless information but it'll be a fun journey getting there. ☺

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