Sunday, 20 July 2014

Well, what can I say???

... not a lot really but I'm still alive and I guess that's the main thing :)

5 months on and life is starting to settle down a little.  The living room has been totally refurbished and the house is gradually getting back to it's former self - former being before taking on the care of Mum and Dad, looking after them and their home and neglecting mine.  It took a long time to get into a mess.  It's taking a long time to reclaim it but progress has been made and is obvious.  The living room is totally different.  It's now modern, fresh, light and airy and mainly uncluttered.  Easy to keep clean and tidy ... for now, at least. The hospice shop has gained from our de-cluttering, even to the extent that at one point there was too much for me to deliver so they collected in their van.  Next major job is to start reclaiming and de-cluttering the kitchen.  Once that's done there's one room left downstairs but in the meantime I've also been working on clearing unwanted crafty stuff.  

Facebook selling pages - and eBay - are sooo useful - lol!  A lot of stuff has gone and, although most has gone in a brand new condition for a lot less than it originally cost, at least I'm claiming space back and putting something back into the coffers.  It's pointless hanging on to stuff I'm unlikely to use.

How about some photographic evidence of progress?

Pics of the living room taken while the new fireplace was being installed last summer but before the furniture disappeared - and yes, it's in turmoil but pretty much how we were living from then on.  
The, initially expensive, french polished, wooden, Parker Knoll furniture was 'sold' on eBay before Christmas.  I say sold but it was effectively given away.  We got less than £3 for 3 pieces and the large wall display unit sold for just £1.30!  At least we didn't have to pay for it to be taken away as we did with the suite - which went to landfill!  Couldn't even give that away - lol!

... and how it is now :D  Nice, bright, light, airy and easy to maintain.  We love it :D  
Best of all, the furniture didn't cost an arm and a leg and I'll have no regrets when we're tired of it and want to replace!

Quite a lot has gone on in last few months as well and catch up time is called for .... again - but that will be for another day - lol!

Thanks for dropping by .....

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