Monday, 23 June 2008

Zippedy Doo Dah!!

What a wonderful day - lol!!

Old bit of carpet up. New bit of carpet (all 6 foot x 3 foot of it!!) laid. Final run to the tip from Dad's place done. Place vacuumed & dusted (maintenance cleaning). I've FINISHED, totally, at Dad's. Just normal day to day house running & feeding type stuff now. Will make list of minor jobs to be done which will probably involve a few phone calls, but that's all. I feel as though I've done a huge journey. I've lost 3/4 of a stone in weight and that's without being on a diet. Just as well really, 'cos I don't do diets - lol! Just goes to show it's more about exercise than anything else 'cos I reckon I've actually been eating more! Mind you, I haven't cooked one proper meal since Mum died. The nearest I've got to cooking is shoving a ready meal in the microwave but ........................ I have this brilliant hubby who loves cooking and, he took over the kitchen so I've had some wonderful meals. He plays, making it up as he goes along, so I'm never too sure what I'm going to be eating (I don't think he's always sure either) but I've not had a duff meal yet - lol!.

Had hair cut and brows plucked this afternoon so at least I shall be tidy for my weekend away at Devon Cliffs, near Exmouth. Replacements organised to look after Dad while I'm gone and I've found a couple of books, in case I get a chance for a read but - reckon I may just give the on-site spa a go if little (?) bro & s-i-l don't have an itinerary planned for the weekend. Fancy a bit of pampering right now! Looking forward to seeing my eldest nephew at work as well. I've never seen him performing so it should be interesting - he's dance captain of the entertainment team (& Rory the Tiger - aaahhhh!).

Jobs for this week - well, job really! To tackle the 6 foot pile of ironing that's built up over the past couple of months - 'cos I need some clothes to take away with me!!

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