Saturday, 21 June 2008

I'm ....

... pooped!! Still, one more day should see me finished with Dad's house then it's just the 'snagging'. Clearing up the last bits on the finance side (which I thought were all sorted and finalised but others seem to have different ideas), sorting out a cleaner and arranging emergency cover! Took a trip to the tip today but the queue was soooooooo long I didn't bother waiting so will go back on Monday, when it's quieter. I want to wind down a bit this coming week as I've my weekend away to look forward to and I'd like to be reasonably chilled before I set off for it. I've the dreaded ironing to do but needs must so will have to put some time to one side to deal with that.

I'd intended photographing my gift and card from Kim today but I've barely touched base all day. By the time I had, the light wasn't good and I won't photograph crafty stuff in artificial light. I seem to have mislaid one bit of the gift though. It rolled onto the floor and now I can't find it (thought the Bermuda Triangle was near Bermuda, not on the South Coast of England near Brighton - lol!). It's the candle and it is a pretty pink and white swirly one so, when I do get round to photographing it all it may still be missing, unless my personal Bermuda Triangle gives it up!!

Think I'm going to have an early night tonight and may try to make tomorrow my last day dealing with Dad's house ....... depends if I feel up to a bit of carpet laying or not!

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