Saturday, 14 June 2008


I managed to get booked into some classes at the Glitterpot. Not until July but at least I'm not missing out this time. They're repeating the Floral Punch Craft Orchid class I couldn't get into but, this time I have - yay!! OK, so Mum won't be able to benefit from them but I'll do it - and make them - in her memory. On top of that Jane Gill is also doing another day - azaleas and camellia's - and ...... I got in on that one as well. I know that I've things to look forward to over the next couple of weeks but having something more in July is a bonus right now.

I'm also going to arrange to spend some time with another 'imag-e-nation' friend. Reckon we could both do with a whinge day at the moment so we can cry on each other's shoulders - or not..LOL! There's 'stuff' going on at the moment that has put a real downer on things over the last couple of days and I so need to be busy to stop me thinking. If I stop .... well.

I've managed to source some creamy white paper (thanks Jak - lol) which I thought I had but didn't, to have a go at making a flower which will be mine - all mine - LOL!! Keeping it secret at the moment, in case it doesn't work out but, no reason why it shouldn't. You have to see the amount of paper and card I have to believe it so it's hard to understand why I couldn't find the right colour amongst my stash but isn't it always the way? No matter how much you've got, you've never got the right colour :o((

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