Monday, 19 May 2008

Oh Wow!!

I've had a comment from the Dogs Trust on one of my posts (here). :o)) No idea how they found me but I'm sooo pleased! Mum would be over the moon, especially if people have been kind enough to make donations to them as well. There were no flowers at her funeral (other than from the great-grandchildren) but we requested donations to the Dogs Trust, Shoreham. I've not heard from the Funeral Director yet, as to whether anyone did donate but, would expect to hear sometime soon as it's now a month and a day since her funeral. Reckon she's stocked the Shoreham shop for a good while with what Dad & me have taken out there in the last 4 weeks. Coming to an end now though but there could still be the odd thing to go.

Ollie - their dog - came from the Dogs Trust at Shoreham, in 1996, as a 6 week old puppy called Dallas. His name was changed to Ollie as my hubby was representing Great Britain in the Paralympics, held in Atlanta, USA, that year.

Over the years Mum supported the Trust in many ways but we regularly made trips to Shoreham with bedding, food and shop donations - at least 3 or 4 times a year. I have no idea where she got the stuff that we took out there or, more to the point, why she bought most of it in the first place! The majority of it seemed to go as totally unused or hardly used - lol! I sometimes thought she bought stuff deliberately with a view to it going to 'the dogs home'! We didn't have to think twice about what to do with her stuff when she died - LOL!

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