Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Aww Bless!!

Got to Dad's this afternoon and loaded car for yet another trip to the Dogs Trust (losing count of how many times we've done this 30mile round trip now -lol!). Asked me if I'd like a cuppa and, as he went to make it, a silly grin crossed his face, which lit his whole face and eyes up, as he said "while I'm doing that you can take a look at the Veteran's medal I got in the post today" What he'd actually received was a UK Armed Forces Veteran's Lapel Badge I'd applied for a couple of weeks ago after he'd remembered his service number. I hadn't told him I'd applied for it so it came as a surprise to him .... completely. His face was a picture and I just wish I'd had my camera to hand! I'll take my camera tomorrow and take a piccie of the badge. I'm now wondering what his reaction will be if he receives the medals I think he's entitled to because of his WWII service. I've applied for any he may be due as he's never had any so, it's wait and see time on that one - lol!
here for the UK Veterans site.


Sylv (budge) said...

Awww Pam that is so good to read it brought tears to my eyes. Bless him. Your dad sounds such a lovely fellow. Hope he gets all the medals he should have had as they went through some awful times during the war.
Sylv xx

Jak said...

How lovely Pam and to think if you hadn't had that special chat you wouldn't have been able to do that.

Dogs Trust said...

That's really sweet! And thank you for coming to visit us even though it's a bit of a trek. :)