Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Banks!! A month ago I went into local branch of Mum's bank to put the wheels in motion to close her bank accounts and have the money's paid out. Not a fortune involved and the branch advised that they pay out up to £15k without Letters of Administration needing to be obtained, as is usual for sums over £5k when no will is involved. Mum's 'estate' wasn't much over £5k but over it, it was. One of the cogs involved signing a Statutory Declaration in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths, which I did. Today, over a month later, I get a letter from the bank telling me I'd signed the wrong form - the one the branch gave me was for sums under £5k ..... doh!! - and enclosed another to have signed. A nuisance but not a major catastrophy but - why has it taken them a month to let me know? I could understand it if there was a large sum of money involved but there's not, so now I will probably have to wait another month before I get the payment of her estate. Just as well I had enough put by to cover the funeral expenses ........

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