Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Tut, tut!!

I was looking for some more of the Woodware Flower Maker punches online. I found a stockist that had one available (seems when you find a stockist they're out of stock of most of 'em - lol!!) and the Woodware Blink Blink punch used for the flower centre in the card made at the Glitterpot class with Jane. Trouble is, they also had some really good deal on ribbon and - I ended up ordering, not only the punches but, 600m of organza ribbon - ooooooooooops!! I don't actually need any ribbon as I have hundreds of metres of the stuff - all sorts - but most is in 1m lengths so it wouldn't last long anyway, once started! Reckon I shall now have enough to open a shop but I also need to find another storage method - for reels this time........

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