Friday, 2 April 2010

Nearly ready ...

... sort of, to recommence the holiday tales - *lol!*  Real life is a pain at times but ... Dad has finally had his hearing appointment, test done (hearing deteriorated a lot) and new aids are now on order.  How easy it is to spend £3k in less than an hour and what a price but, if it gets him hearing better than he is at the moment it's got to be money well spent.  Just can't help thinking that it's a rip-off aimed at a vulnerable market and captive audience - which it is but what other choices are there unless you can wait 18 months or so for an NHS appointment?  I just think it's despicable that the people least able to pay for these things - and I'm not just talking just about the elderly but most disabled people with extra needs - are those that have to pay the most for their 'aids'.  It's not only that but it costs more for things in general as hubby and I know from years of experience.  Transport is not easy and booking holidays is a nightmare!  In general, to get somewhere wheelchair accessible, you're looking at paying a premium and more homework has to be done about the suitability of the surrounding areas for getting out and about.  There's not much point going away to be confined to a hotel and it's grounds.

Anyway, I've digressed so off soapbox now.  Dad made me, and the audiologist, giggle.  Before he was prepared to commit to such an outlay he wanted to know 'how much longer have I got?'  Crystal ball?  Piece of string?  No idea!  Told him to think long term and what would be most cost effective of the 2 choices he's been given - and then not to pop off in the next 6 months otherwise whatever choice he made would be a waste of money!  Fortunately Dad does have a sense of humour *LOL*  He went for the dearest option, which could be the cheapest, long term.  Now we've just to wait for the call to say they're ready for collection and fitting.

Hubby has had post-op appointment and consultant is pleased. Doesn't want to see him for another couple of months and he can start using hand again - on light duties so there's no chance of passing the cooking back yet *duh!*  His thumb looks strange though, as he's now not got a base thumb knuckle joint and it's about an inch shorter than it was.  Still, any thumb is better than none.  He is still housebound because of it as he's still not allowed to wheel himself properly, he can't transfer to a car yet and he certainly can't drive as the brace has to stay on most of the time.  Most of us could cope with all this.  Yes, it would be awkward for anybody to be one handed but when you rely on your hands for your mobility it's really difficult.
I forgot it was Easter this weekend :0o  Went to do some top up shopping last night and didn't have much choice in Easter eggs.  Only wanted to buy for the littlies and fortunately found some for them.  Just as well I'd decided not to buy for the big kids 'cos there wasn't anything suitable for them.  Financial offerings seem to be more the order of the day for the older ones and if they want Easter eggs they can buy any that are on offer, cheap, after Easter *lol*  Just as well Easter is just another weekend for us.

Phew!  I typed all the above - and a little bit more - and Blogger decided to crash!  There's me thinking I'd lost all the above but .. it's back and OK, I've lost some but most is there ....

The weather this week has been a real mix but at least this part of the country hasn't had the horrendous snow - although a lot of stuff has been cancelled because of waterlogged grounds.  The weather doesn't seem to have got the idea that we're now officially in Spring with clocks now on British SUMMERTIME!  OK, bit early for that but hey ... take note!  We want some warmth after the awful cold, hard winter.

To finish - I'm nearly at a stage where I can recommence the holiday tales, having finally finished sorting and editing pics.  What a marathon that's been.  From over 3000 (bordering on 4) photos (mine & Jackie's combined) I've now got them down to a more managable 2000-ish.  Anyway, hopefully the tales will start again in the next day or so - and there's still some to tell - *LOL*

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