Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Aaaahhhh ........... and Aaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhh!

....... the beautiful aroma (NOT!) of .................................................. muck spreading. It's been a nice day here today so we've had our patio doors open while we've been home. Trouble is, the farmers are making the most of it as well and we can smell the evidence - lol!! We live about 3 miles from the sea and have a sea view - admittedly interrupted by trees and it's very distant, but sea view we do have however, we also have a lot of farmland around us to the south, between the sea and us, and to the west, between us and the town, oops sorry, city! In fact we have farmland to the north and east as well but more of the estate between us and it!. Hopefully the aroma won't last long and we're forecast heavy rain for the weekend so that'll deal with it if we get it - lol.

Aaarrrggghhhh ... this morning I had to have a blood test. I had one about 2 months or so ago - can't remember exactly when but it was before Mum died. A couple of weeks later I had a letter from the surgery telling me it needed to be repeated and today I finally got round to having it done. Seems I had an impaired fasting glucose result, despite fasting, so I made sure and fasted for well over the 12 hours this time. The problem I have is that there is only one person at the surgery that can get blood out of me at the first go. She used to be a phlebotomist so knows what she's doing. The practise nurses, although really nice, usually end up trying about 4 times and then giving up, by which time I'm in tears and a quivering wreck. I now specifically ask for this one nurse that gets it first time (and is usually the person that the other nurses call for when they've given up or I've walked out). Anyway, got to surgery today and was told I was with another nurse as the one I asked for, and thought my appointment was with, was not available. I lost it a bit - OK, a lot, and started having a panic attack right there in the waiting room. Told receptionist that I'd rebook for when the other one was there and asked why, when I'd asked for her specifically (the day didn't matter) I hadn't been booked in with her. I was then told that the visiting phlebotomist was in so they'd see if she would do it - and hey, she would and she did but ....................... it still took her 2 hits before she got it. Although I have good veins, they are very deep-seated and difficult to find and those in my right arm tend to collapse as soon as a needle goes near them. All I'll say is, if these results show as impaired then they can go fish for any more blood at the moment. Why can't they find a different way of getting blood other than with a needle????


Jean said...

I understand a breadknife will do it Pam!!!
Funnily I have one arm that gives up easily and one that is hopeless. Always have to make a point forcefully (sorry pun unintended) as looking at them the awkward one looks the most promising. Have to admit I'm OK about them taking it, must have something to do with all the years I was a donor, but hate having an injection.

Liz said...

Poor you Pam! I know just how you feel I have exactly the same problem but I have to get the doctor to do it as they can only get it from my hands and the nurses refuse to do it. Thank goodness as he usually gets it first time, if the nurses do attempt I am up the wall with the poking and pain!