Friday, 23 May 2008

A light ...

... at the end of the tunnel. Tomorrow should see the end of me sorting, tidying and cleaning the upper floor of Dad's place - yay!! There are still odd bits & pieces left, electricals that the Dog's Trust shop won't take and other bits - like brand new shoes that cost an arm and a leg so I'm loathe to give them away. I've advertised some of it via the local Free Ads and a couple of bits have gone so there is progress on that. Other bits I'll try on eBay and failing it going that way I'll go car-booting and then offer any that can't go to the Dog's Trust, on Freecycle. There's not much, so no rush and it can stay at Dad's and I'll deal with it all from there.

Next week I will start on the ground floor. Shouldn't take as long as there's not so much to go through. The main problem has been that it's a 3 bedroom house with only 1 bedroom being used as a bedroom. The largest room (mine when I was at home) had been lined with wardrobes - 7 double ones, floor to ceiling - so it was like a massive walk-in wardrobe & storage room. The smallest room, although not having any wardrobes, was still a storage room with shelves, drawers and a fair bit of floor space ..... at least, there is now - LOL!! Now, everything Dad needs is in his bedroom, in the 2 double wardrobes that are in that room. The other rooms will, when the remaining bits are disposed of, be empty except for anything that's fitted - like the 7 double wardrobes and the ironing board - lol! One thing I've decided - I'm going to have a clear out of some of my bits soon. I know I have things that haven't seen the light of day in years. It has to go!

I reckon a couple of weeks and I'll have Dad straight and we can start him living the rest of his life. I plan to get him out a couple of times a week where possible, even if it's only to get him down on the Undercliff at Ovingdean/Rottingdean to sit and watch the world go by for an hour.

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