Monday, 26 May 2008


The upper floor is finished - all sorted, tidied and organised - yesssssssss! It's also had a good spring clean. Heaven knows what the cleaner, that used to come, did for her money but it wasn't proper cleaning - lol! We're waiting on Age Concern finding another (last one got another job and left) but at least I know that there's now a mega clean base to start from. I've to start on the downstairs now, starting in the lounge 'cos that'll be done in a day. Dad has already said that he doesn't think he'll get rid of much from there as all the knick-knacks have sentimental value. Fortunately there's not a lot but what's there includes bits from family weddings, their Silver and Gold anniversaries (real shame that their Diamond in October won't be joining them) and bits all the kids have bought over the years.

Kitchen might not take much longer than a day either. I've already sorted the food cupboard, dumped all the out of code stuff and restocked. I've really only got to go through the cooking utensils and the pots & pans - a lot of which will be going as there's far too many for Dad's needs.

I think I need a good break. I'm feeling really tired now but I want to get Dad's place finished and then I can relax. If I stop now I won't want to get going again so I need to crack on and then have a break before I start on my own place - lol!! I do have some things to look forward to throughout June. Firstly, some of us southern imag-e-nationers (forum friends) are meeting up for a crafty day next week and I've got my balloon flight on the 18th (providing weather plays ball - lol!).

I've also got a weekend away at the end of June - yay!! My brother and sister-in-law have offered me this weekend so I'm taking them up on it. My nephew is dance captain (or something like that) of the entertainment team at Haven Holidays, Devon Cliffs and is also Rory the Tiger but (sshhhhhhsh!) don't tell the little ones! It's the 2nd season he's worked for Haven and he thoroughly enjoys it but, bonus is, the weekends that bro & sil can get at reduced rates and, this year, I'm having a bit as well - roflmao! Hubby is happy for me to go - in fact, has actively encouraged it - so it will be good to get away for the 4 days. I've been to this particular site before but a few years ago now. There have been a few changes so it will be interesting to see what it's like now ............ bring it aaaalllllllllll on!!

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