Thursday, 8 May 2008

Woo Hoo!!

It's tomorrow!! My class with Jane Gill at the Glitterpot. I'm soooooo looking forward to this class. I haven't done one piece of crafting since before Christmas and I think that was a full day at the Gitterpot with Paula Pascual. I had to cancel classes earlier this year because of illness (see earlier blog posts) Don't care what my attempts come out like tomorrow - I shall be crafting! :o))

And here's another WooHoo - I finally remembered to phone the vet today to ask where we go with Ollie now. He finished his meds 2 weeks ago and he's running round like a 2 year old! Vet is really pleased as he didn't expect him to still be around. His advice is, if he's finished the meds and there's been no deterioration then to leave well alone. I told him that Ollie was making him out to be a fibber at the moment - OK, I said 'liar'! He said he hopes that he has got the diagnosis wrong but it is a case of 'time will tell'. At the moment we'll just accept that he's acting normal - lol!


Sylv said...

Enjoy your day crafting Pam.

Sylv x

PeeJay said...

Thanks Sylv - I surely will!!