Thursday, 29 May 2008


A little while ago my eldest managed to get his hands on an imported Subaru Impreza, otherwise known as a 'Scoobie', at a bargain price - there is a story (isn't there always? - lol!!) A work colleague's partner had it but it failed it's MOT. He paid to have some work done but was then quoted around £2k to have a new exhaust and cat' fitted so car was parked in the works car park - for nearly a year!! The company finally got fed up of this car being parked there and gave the owners an ultimatum to move it or it would be moved and crushed. My eldest - ever having an eye on a bargain - made the owners an offer which was accepted, not happily but it was better than nothing.

Eldest had done his homework and knew he could make a bit on it if he did the work needed himself. He found an exhaust on eBay which, fortunately, was reasonably local and he won it - at £40. He did the work and put it in for it's MOT. Car ended up costing him around £2k in total (purchase, parts & work) and it's worth, according to the garage, around £4.5k. We went to the last archery comp in it as it was a local one (very juicy car - lol!!) and OMG!! I wasn't too keen on being left about 200 yards up the road in the back of the seat when he accelerated - lol! The power in that car was amazing and I can see why the Essex police use them on the motorways! He's now bought himself a 2nd one, which was somebody's project car and was delivered ................ in pieces! His aim - to use what he wants from the project car to do up this one (which is now becoming his project) and break the rest.

The original car will probably be sold sometime once the work's been done (it's already been up for sale on eBay a couple of times and attracted time-wasters) ................ but - we think crafting is an expensive hobby - lol!

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