Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Slight delay - oooops!

Well, I won't be finished at Dad's place quite as soon as I thought after I'd sorted the first floor. We've gone through the lounge and discarded the stuff he doesn't want, which wasn't much but he now has an empty cupboard, 2 (out of only 3) empty drawers and a completely re-organised bureau. Everything is all dusted and polished and then I looked at the venetian blinds! Oh dear - don't think they've been cleaned for a while (sob!). Wouldn't be so bad if they were small ones but one covers some french windows and the other 3 aren't tiny either - lol! They're now a third done but climbing and stretching doesn't do my shoulder a lot of good so I'm having to clean them in stages. Reckon the lounge will be finished by the end of the week now - kitchen will just have to wait until next week.

Tomorrow I've got my eldest grand-daughter for the morning (half-term) so I'm going to take a bit of time off and we're going to visit the
Glitterpot as I've some buying to do for the southern imag-e-nation mini meet next week. I need to get a variety of Basic Grey papers so's we can make some flowers & leaves with the Woodware Flower & Leaf Makers that I have - lol!! She's been to Hobbycraft (our Chrissie pressie to her was a shopping trip to our 'local' store which is about a 50-60 mile round trip) but she's never been to a craft shop like the Glitterpot. Mind you, it could be that Hobbycraft is better suited to an 11 year old anyway - lol!

Had a pleasant evening with some old friends last night. Good meal and a chat. My mate, Cally, was just back from a couple of weeks in Florida. She'd taken a shopping list from me for some Cuttlebug bits and she managed to get most of what I had on it. Definitely a lot cheaper than over here and bonus was - no shipping to pay (not that it's expensive anyway but every penny counts - lol!). She bought Joanne's out of their CB stuff but said she was really disappointed with all of the 4 Michael's stores she visited. Still, I'm sure it won't stop her going again when she's back there in November!!

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