Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Missing in Action ...

  ... again! Not through illness, thank goodness, but just busy, busy. So glad that I'm back to where I was before the illness and up for doing things. I've made a few cards using the novelty of my new craft area. Can't show them to anyone yet but it was great to have the space to do them.

Then there's been a couple of days doing my most favourite job ... NOT! Ironing! Especially NOT as the weather has been wonderful.  It's been my ideal of a happy medium but now it's getting hotter so perhaps summer has finally arrived! 
Anyhow, haven't done any ironing for so long I had to spread it over 2 days but it's done. I've also had to start sorting out my wardrobe again. There's no space for the new stuff I've bought 'cos wardrobe is full of clothes I can't get into any more. Dogs Trust trip coming up again methinks - *LOL*! Reckon I should open my own secondhand clothes shop. I've certainly got enough, including items that still have their tags on that I bought 3 years or more ago! To think, I recall commenting on all the items Mum had with labels on when I sorted her clothes after she died. Hmmmmm!

I've also sorted out what I'm taking, craft-wise, for my week in Spain, although I have thoughts of adding some bits. I've nearly decided what I'm taking clothes-wise. Need to make final decisions as have to pack. Flight is Thursday morning .... Yessssssssssssss! 

Continuing catchup (think it might be nearing an end - lol!) -
Moving towards midweek, pain started coming back.  Couldn't do anything about it as Dad took up early part of week with meetings at the apartments and chiropodist visit but I didn't linger longer than I needed to with either.

By Thursday night I was in agony and could barely breath.  Friday morning appointment made with a female GP - a face to face appointment!  Consult over and diagnosis ... pleurisy!  Antibiotics, heavy duty painkillers and rest (not that I could actually do anything else)  Somewhat different to heartburn/indigestion.  If only doc had listened to what I was telling him the week before 'cos it weren't any different to what I told doc this time!  Anyways, a week later the pain was gone and I could breath again - well, as well as I can breathe normally, which isn't always too good.  Absolutely blasted though and no energy at all but ... I'm now back to full health - yeah, right!  Apart from my long term, permanent health problem I'm back to full health ... and strength and actually feel as though I want to do things which, in my book, is all good.

While all this was going on the pond had a visitor ............. a large red damsel fly (yep, that is it's common name).  Beautiful!

Doesn't the waterlily look amazing?  They flowered for the first time last year.  This year they're back in more numbers and even bigger than last year.  Stunning flowers.
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