Friday, 18 June 2010

Floral Punch Craft Workshop

Thursday 20th May - Full day at the Glitterpot with Jane Gill.

The morning was spent making pansies. Jane had bought a tray of real pansies with her to give us inspiration for the colouring. The pansies were made from two sizes of heart punches . Punched from coloured paper and then coloured to add the detail.

The afternoon saw us tackle the Geraldton Wax flower. Little trickier but very effective. Again, the base of the flower was a heart punch and long strips of paper which had to be rolled up after being painted with a wash of colour. With time over we put a card together using the pansies. I've still to finish my card completely but the base is there *LOL*

The instructions for both of these flowers can be found in one of Leone Em's Floral Punch Craft books but not sure which one until I find my books. Sorry.



Patti Jo said...

Hey Pam, nice to see you back crafting! Love your Wobblers and your workspace looks terrific!!! Now that is quite interesting about you not opening things till you use them! Can't say I could do that! Always bring them home and at least test them before they go on the Col-lec-tor shelf!!!

Your pansy's are so pretty! Haven't tried those wax flowers yet though, they are really nice too! Great job on your flowers Pam!!!

My'scardcorner said...

Oh I love your pansies Pam one of my favourite flowers they have such happy faces.