Sunday, 13 June 2010

I'm being ...

... such a bad blogger at the moment. I'm recovered from my bout of pleurisy but really don't have any mojo, energy or stamina for anything. I've resorted to taking a tonic, hoping that it will help to get me going again. It certainly won't hurt but whether it will help or not remains to be seen. It's less than 2 weeks away from my next jolly now and I really want to be able to enjoy that as much as I can. I'm off to Spain for a week with a group of girlie friends. I'm so looking forward to it. Should be great fun. We've been told that we don't need many clothes - as long as we've swimsuits and sarongs we'll be fine and apparently the pool temperature is just right!

Catching up ...
Before I became ill, way back in early May, May 8th to be precise, Emma took part in a local festival/féte putting on a display with her dancing groups. Yep, that's groups! She belongs to 2. One is through the school and is a Morris dancing group and the other is a private dance school she goes to during the week. At this particular festival both groups were performing so I took the opportunity of going along to watch her doing her Morris dancing. It was a bitterly cold day and I really felt for the youngsters as they were shivering from the cold but I think they did extremely well considering. Everyone else was wrapped up in winter jackets!

I'm tired but I'm not giving in!

Not sure what this was called but Emma's teacher wore it in the Children's Parade at the start of the Brighton Festival. This is not Emma's teacher - lol!

... and a very short clip of some Morris dancing a lá Emma and her little friends

I followed it with a lovely afternoon at the Worthing Stamp Show where I met a couple of friends, Kim (who was rushing lunch inbetween workshops) and Greta. It's a very small craft show which is held at the Charmandean Centre a couple of times a year. I hadn't been for a few years and was surprised at how small it was compared with the last time I'd been. Have to say I didn't spend much at all but when I left I diverted to the new Range store, which is not far from the Charmandean Centre, and spent a few pennies in their craft section! Well, you have to .... don't you?
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