Tuesday, 15 June 2010


You might have noticed there has been a drought in my blogging and, if you read my Ramblings blog you'll be picking up why - partly! Before I took ill I had a day with friends, Kim and Greta, and we made a couple of cards. One I've still to finish but the other is done! I made it for my Dad for Father's Day. He's always known as Jumbo and I try to theme his cards to his 'name'. He also likes novelty and yes, I know this is really a child's card but ... he'll love it and I can see it raising a grin to his face. reckon it'll be pointed out to every carer that visits him as well - *LOL*

I snagged the photo under from Greta.  It shows all the wobblers that we made that day.  Kim's is the one on the left and Greta's is the one at the back.  I've done more work on mine since this photo was taken as I've trimmed the rocker close to Ellie's legs.

The wobblers are die cut sheets from Kanban.  Things like this are not my normal choice as they really are just sticking things together and it's not what I call crafting but ... I can see young children (and old parents) loving them and they do make quick, effective cards - once you've figured out how they actually go together.  I have to say that the instructions are worse than useless! The heads are stuck onto a strip of folded acetate to make them wobble and everything else is just stuck together with DST and/or foam pads.


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Saw this on the crafters reunited site can have a better look here tho and it is still smashing.