Monday, 24 August 2009

Run, run, as fast ...

... as you can. You can't catch me I'm ..... Zac!!

I finally got to see the littliest walking .... or rather, running ... yesterday! Don't think 'walk' is in his vocabulary yet (although 'oh dear' seems to be - *hehe*!) He was off at every opportunity and trying to get a photo was near impossible. They're all back views - *LOL!* He started walking on 2nd August and there's been no holding him back since - amazing what can be achieved in 3 weeks! Doesn't seem possible he's the grand old age of One in 2½ weeks time. Where do the baby months go?

I did get to see one 'first' though. His first dip in the paddling pool and he loved it! Wasn't too keen on having water poured over him by sister Amy (middle littlie in piccie) but didn't mind soaking himself with splashes *LOL*

.... and the 'big' kid? Well, that's my baby, Dad to the 3 littlies who decided that the paddling pool was like being on holiday and laid himself down in it after the littlies had vacated ... but not for long - *LOL*

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