Sunday, 13 April 2008

Relaxing day

Spent some time with my little grand-daughters yesterday. They are adorable. There's something about them that has the effect of taking away negative thoughts. The tiniest one, 2 years old, is so funny with her little ways and the things she's says. She points at me and tells me 'You're so funny!' If I'm funny then she's hilarious - lol!! Her 6 year old sister is so much a girly, girl and is so loving and sensitive. She's feeling the loss of Great-Grandma at the moment and needs reassuring that she's not going to lose anyone else. These 2 are chalk and cheese but have a very close bond - for the moment! They certainly put things into perspective and have a way of helping you through. They did their card to go with Grandma's flowers and I have to say a very colourful card it is as well. It's very pink as the elder one was the 'designer' with the little one adding her bit at the end. I'm sure Grandma will love it!

Had a day away from everything today. Eldest son was competing in an early season, friendly, archery tournament. It's an annual 'start of season' shoot organised by Hastings & St Leonards Bowmen (Archery Club) that we normally do but I'm not shooting at the moment due to a frozen shoulder. He'd booked his place some weeks ago and, despite what's happened this week, we decided it would be a good idea if he went and I went with him. The organisers are friends so I thought it would make a relaxing day for me as well. He's won this tournament for the last 2 years but, although hoping for a successful defence, wasn't expecting to do anything this year for the obvious reason and also because he has been ill for the last couple of days. He ended up scoring a PB and winning by quite a margin - for Grandma, who used to come and support the lads when they were juniors. Weather was good, although a few black clouds came over and it was quite cool and very breezy but, we both came home with sun caught faces and feeling relaxed.

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