Wednesday, 11 June 2008

He got it......... yessss!

The part-time job that grandson had an interview for, that is. Not bad considering it's the first interview he's had for a job. He's applied for a couple of jobs when he turned 16 but didn't get that far. We thought it was because he only wanted weekend work and where he applied wanted people who could be more flexible with hours. This time they were actively looking for weekend workers so he's in! For a while he can only do 3.5 hours a day as he's still, officially, at school. Although he doesn't have to go into school any more - he's still not officially finished. He has his induction session tomorrow and starts work this weekend. He's going to keep his paper round on as well, for now.

It seems odd 'cos I started a Saturday job when I was 15 and worked full-time through school holidays. Mind you, I've just realised, the normal school leaving age at that time was 15 - doh!! I tend to forget that because the leaving age of the school I went to was 16, even then. It was a grammar school and you had the privilege of having to stay on a year longer! They preferred you didn't leave however, even at 16. They preferred that you stayed on, went through 6th form and then went to uni. Not that I did either (one of the few in the 5th year that didn't)! I did go to college after my 'O' levels though!! OK, so I'm now showing my age .... 'O' levels? What are they??? - LOL!!

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