Sunday, 17 August 2008

... and it continues

- the clean up on the home front that is! Now I've got Dad sorted out (although there's still, even at this late stage, the odd things keep popping up on the financial side) I've had to really take a long hard look at my own home and I don't like what I see! Hubby has been really good over the last few months and has been keeping the housework down (as well as taking over the cooking) but he can't really clean properly, being in a wheelchair and, I have to admit, I haven't helped as I haven't always put stuff away when I should have done - LOL! I've finished sorting the bedroom out and my wardrobe is now tidy and a lot emptier. I even have an empty cupboard (hubby doesn't - hehe!!) I'm going to be busy with other things this week, including rescheduled balloon flight on Tuesday but .... I'm not holding breath on that one. I've an eye test on Thursday - can't believe it's 2 years since the last one - so I may have new glasses for the Manchester craft weekend. Hoping to fit in more clearing out. Cupboards in lounge this time and then the 'spring clean' in there as well. The plan is to get decorators in some time soon. Mind you, that was the plan last year as well .... derrrr!!

My brother (well, that's who he said he was), sister-in-law and nephew arrived to visit Dad on Thursday. First time since mid-May! They followed this visit with a few photo's so here's a photo of my nephews (25 & 13) ...

... and my great-nephews (5 & 2)

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Liz said...

Lovely family photos Pam. Good luck with the 'spring' clean! x

sheffsue said...

When you've done yours...can you just pop over to me and do mine please?....well you seem to be doing a fine job so I thought no harm in asking...????
Only kidding of course.....but yes mine could do with a good clear out..

Sue x