Thursday, 21 August 2008

The start ...

... of a costly few days!

Eye test was due today. I didn't think my sight had changed much but it's changed enough to warrant new specs. Choice has been made and they've been paid for so goodbye to a couple of hundred+!

GCSE result day today and, although not normally interested, this year we are interested because of grandson, Kieran. I have my own thoughts on the grades of these exams and his results will either confirm them or not - to a degree. Kieran has been badly failed by his school in that they have totally ignored all advice given them regarding his education once he'd been identified as a gifted child a few years ago. They failed to keep him stimulated, fully occupied and interested, to such a degree that, because he was bored he barely attended school after he reached 16 (attended regularly and normally until then). Didn't matter what his Mum & Dad did, or his Head of Year who was about the only teacher that seemed to care, he just wouldn't stay in school.

Results are in and he's covered the alphabet with his grades, from A's to a U (for a subject he didn't want to do but which was compulsory). He's got every grade available A, B, C, D, E, F & U!! Believes in spreading himself around - lol!! Strangely the A's (more than one), B & C are all in the Sciences and, according to his Dad, were always going to be his best grades because he found it interesting! Just goes to show is all I'll say but - how can you get the highest grade in a subject if you don't attend school? He's either got good information retention (which is how I passed my exams 'cos I certainly didn't revise for them) or he's confirmed my suspicions about these exam grades ..... :-(

I've rebooked my balloon flight but not giving the date out this time - hehe!!

Thanks for dropping by .....

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