Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Oh no! ...

...I was hoping that hubby's influence on the weather would be stronger than mine but it wasn't to be. I'd booked another balloon flight for today and the weather has, once again, conspired against me!

Hubby has spent months organising a mini International Clay Target Competition for disabled shooters being held at Northall CPC. It's 2 days of shooting, the first being today and the second on Friday. There are a team of shooters that have come over from Finland and several from the 4 corners of the UK.

The chief classifier for the International Shooting Committee for the Disabled has also come to see how disabled handle clay target shooting in action, as it is not yet recognised by the ISCD although hubby has been working with them for a few years now with the aim of getting it incorporated into the international shooting calendar for the disabled and eventually into the Paralympics. He's usually luckier with the weather than I am which is why I decided to book flight for today. Got that one wrong!!

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