Friday, 10 October 2008

Today's ...

... another day and I actually got a good night's sleep - for a change, LOL!!

Sweet..........decided that I'm not going to miss out on a decent weekend with like-minded people. ...and sour ............ just need to settle a far more sensitive soul than me, who's now very unsettled about going but - she'll get there, even if I have to drag her screaming and shouting! Sometimes having a pretty thick skin and the ability to bounce back really does help ... and actually finding out that I've no reason to feel bad about things also helps. It's such a shame other people have been distressed as well :0((

Had a messy day here today - cavity wall insulation put in. Now I need the window cleaner and he only came last week - doh! I put a bird feeding station in the 'garden' as well. I've used one that Mum had and, as Dad doesn't want to be bothered feeding the birds, I've taken it. I've put it in my new shrub bed. Looks a bit funny at the moment but it will start to be disguised more as the plants grow - and they're looking really healthy. Even the hebes that I thought I'd lost look happier so there's hope for them yet.

Dad managed to give himself a cut nose and a black eye after I left him yesterday. Heaven knows how he did it but apparently it was because I'd done something - but it always is! Thing is, what he was telling me was impossible 'cos I'd moved what he told me he was doing from the position he was doing it in ... weeks ago, because he kept banging his head - derrrr!! He does get so confused, which is why, when he does silly things it's always because I've done something (according to him) - moved something, thrown something away - even when whatever, is right in front of him - and so on and so forth. It gets a bit frustrating at times. Things are still moving towards the possibility of rehousing him. When there's a definite base to work from we'll be in a better position to show him what is possible for him, me and everyone else. I certainly would rest easier knowing that he was safer than he is now but whether he will eventually move remains to be seen. Long term I don't think there's really a choice for any of us so, in some ways, the sooner the better.

Managed to get hold of Age Concern yesterday, to report the cleaner problems. Explained I may have been expecting too much but didn't think so, especially regarding her time-keeping, only for them to tell me I'm not the first to have complained about her being unreliable. Made me feel a bit better but does make you wonder just how much she wants these jobs. The lady at Age Concern was really nice and offered to find somebody else but we've decided to leave it until we know more the position with Dad and rehousing rather than risk mucking people around.

Finally, today I made a decision! I'm giving up all thoughts of going back to selling craft goodies on eBay, or anywhere else, like I used to. I just don't have the time, or the inclination, anymore. I've been paying my eBay shop fees for the last couple of years just to keep it available but not actually listing or selling anything. Since eBay have put their shop fees up I can't justify paying the new fee just to keep it available so I've closed it, officially. I've sold hardly anything from my Picturetrail site that I have goods listed on, other than my Word Insert Templates, for about the same length of time (although I used to actually sell quite a lot) so I'm going to close that as well soon. I've still a fair bit of stock and it now needs to go, so, for the timebeing .............. I'm selling it in Lucky Dips of 10 sheets for £4.99 before I dispose of it in any other way! I'll include a selection of sheets, which could include diecuts, glitters, dufex, embossed & gilded and bog-standard so some sheets would work out at well under half price. I'm not bothered about a profit - I just want it gone but preferably with no loss! I may do the same with the Dufex card I have and the sticker sheets. Really need to go through everything as I haven't properly looked at it in around a year - :0( A stock-take might be in order - lol!! Made a 'button' to go on sidebar. Tried making this one a clickable link but doesn't look as though it's possible. Sidebar one is though - lol!!

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