Friday, 2 January 2009

Crafty stuff ...

... of sorts! Need to get back to doing something. Still feeling really rough and struggling for breath when I do anything but fed up of not doing anything! Even Dad seems to be handling this bug better than me. Doesn't say much for my health when a nearly 87 year old is coping better than a nearly 58 year old - doh!!

I've just finished reading a book which I was determined to read but really found myself struggling to do so. It was bought under recommendation as 'everybody was raving about it' including customers in the shop it was bought from. It's not the thickest book on the planet but reckon, size for size, it's taken me the longest to read. Definitely not one that you can't put down - lol!! Dad started to read it first but he tends to flick through for a brief précise before he starts to read. I got ambushed with - 'it's got God in it!!' So?, says I. It's still a story. You wouldn't not read a book that's got the Devil in it would you? No, says Dad. Well, give it a go, says I. The next day he throws the book at me and that was that! I took it home and started it. That was what seems like an eternity ago and I managed to finish it yesterday. It started off OK and the basis of the story was laid well and was interesting. It finished well but the middle to end chapters were interminably boring. I certainly didn't miss the point of the story and what it was trying to put over but it was a pity it couldn't have been done in a more interesting way and then it might have swayed this unbeliever (although that would take a miracle - lol!!) It will definitely not be put on to my recommended reading list. Oh yes, the name of the book? It's 'The Shack' by Wm Paul Young.

Anyway, I've digressed! A few days ago one of the imag-e-nationers was after instructions for a box they'd seen somewhere that was made to hold cards. She said she'd seen a link, at some time earlier in 2008, to a YouTube video. Anyway, off I went in search to see if I could help. Don't know if I found the right one for this imag-e-nationer because there's been no feedback but, find one I did. I was so impressed with it I've embedded it, with a link to the blog where it originated. I then realised that it would only hold small cards and as peeps in the UK are tending to make cards nearly twice the size that this box will hold I've just calculated measurements for a box that will hold an A5 (find them here). Thinking about it further (and I'm thinking 'out loud' now) there is potential to make this box in any size for specific sized cards, just by adjusting the measurements to fit.

Don't you think it would make a great gift whether filled with greeting cards or notelets or ....... ?

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