Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Workmen arrived today to start redoing our driveway. It was a concrete surface which had been tarmac-ed years ago, before we moved here and we've been here 21 years. Anyway, there was a clear line as to where the 'new' driveway was to go down to 'cos the tarmac finished and then there was bare concrete from when we had a new parking area put in a few years ago. 2 cars parked on the parking area - out of the way, or so we thought - OH's brand spanking new one & eldest's new Scoobie baby. There was a good 6 foot or more from where tarmac-ed area ended and front of eldest's baby so thought both cars would be safe. Workmen asked if eldest's car could be moved as they would be using a digger etc. but as it couldn't we covered it. Thought it a bit odd but better to err on side of caution. Workmen started digging up old drive. Went to take them a cuppa and ........................ Aaaaaaarrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! They were digging up the newish, bare concrete, which had a drain and reinforcing mesh in. It had also been used to level the bottom of the drive a bit more than it was to stop 'bottoming out'. Ended up just a couple of foot away from eldest's baby. :scream: :scream:

I mentioned to OH what was happening but they'd gone too far to stop. Turns out they hadn't been told by boss what area they had to do (we assumed they would have been given their instructions by him) and hadn't thought to ask us even though to me it was pretty obvious - if nothing else to ask. They've admitted it's their fault but doesn't really help us much as now the job is going to take longer than originally thought and I've builders waiting to come in to repoint that side of the house! There had better not be any problems when it's finished because of what they've done and they're certainly not getting paid any more than the quote I was given, even though they've increased the area they're working on quite substantially.

I have one question - what has happened to the workmen of today???

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